Ouya Promo Drops Console Price to $60

Ouya Promo Drops Console Price to $60

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A new coupon code slashes the Ouya's price nearly in half.

One of the biggest draws of the Ouya is its price tag. Whereas a shiny new Wii U, PS4 or Xbox One will set you back anywhere from $300-$500, an Ouya costs an easier to stomach $100. Granted, the value of the Ouya is also arguably dependent on your ability to tolerate and look past some of its problems. That being the case, even if you've passed on an Ouya before, a new promotion may be enough to finally open your wallet to little indie console that could.

In celebration of the release of Killing Floor: Calamity, an Ouya exclusive top-down shooter, the console's makers have released a promo code that cuts its price down from $99.99 to $59.99, nearly half the original sticker price. To get this discount, you need to enter the code "calamity" while checking out in the shopping section of the Ouya website. If you're using PayPal for the order, you'll need to log into your account and reach the order confirmation screen before you'll be given the option to enter the code.

What we're curious about, of course, is if this will be enough to convince our readers to buy an Ouya. While the console was the benefactor of an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign, since its release its post-release performance has been marred by hardware issues and a mediocre response from critics. That said, a $40 discount on a $100 product is still a darned good deal and we'd be lying if we were to say we weren't tempted. Then again, with its makers already readying the Ouya 2.0, perhaps waiting would still be the prudent move.

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That's still pretty steep for a paperweight.

As an owner and one of the backers, I feel I should advise that most would want to wait. Not that I don't like the console (I actually do) but it's still not really ready.

KF: Calamity is a pretty stellar game... But on the current Ouya hardware runs quite poorly with a slow/choppy framerate and somewhat unresponsive controls. It also only supports 2P local co-op which is great if you have a friend nearby but it really needs online multiplayer to shine IMO. I also feel it's a little bit pricy for the level of content available.

While there are some really GREAT titles and ports for the Ouya, most of them you can play on another (better) platform. I've had some legitimately good times with my Ouya but I'm planning on upgrading later as most games don't run that well and there are still a lot of features that are yet to be implemented.

But $60 is pretty cheap... Just my opinion.

It still doesn't interest me, but not because of any of it's known issues. I have just never particularly wanted one.

It seems like a pretty decent deal for those who have been on the fence though.

Should really offer a version without the controller and have the regular price cut in half, you got support for any standard controller anyway.

It amuses me that the coupon code is "Calamity".

Either way, the Ouya still doesn't interest me, because it's essentially an android, except it bugs out constantly.

Sir Pootis:
It amuses me that the coupon code is "Calamity".

Either way, the Ouya still doesn't interest me, because it's essentially an android, except it bugs out constantly.

An Android with none of the convenience of a phone or a tablet, which requires an external control input, to boot.

Anyone know of any good exclusive games on the Ouya? I haven't heard about any at all, but then I never really looked either.

Why did they bother announcing a Ouya 2 when they did. Revealing plans to put out a new console causes developer and customer interest to drop even for the big 3. Even if they are going to release yearly updates at $100 for a new one makes buying a PS4, Xbone, or a Wii U a better choice for a typical 5-6 console generation. The thing never had anything really going for it except for if someone didn't have a smart phone or didn't know they could buy a MHL adapter, HDMI cord, and a controller if they wanted for way less than this $60 deal and use the phone they already got that outclasses this thing's specs. It's really was over hyped and came out too soon. I don't think anyone should get this unless they absolutely have to play something on android now instead of waiting to see ouya 2 has the horsepower to keep up with phones and tablets that will come out almost a year after it does.


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