Anti-Aging Compound Will Move to Human Trials

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Proverbial Jon:

It won't be long, my friends. It won't be long.

oh no!

an era of shitty movies that are based on a franchise that is continuously influenced by said shitty movies thus creating a downward spiral of shit!

i... just... i cant.

"The study, published in Cell yesterday, focused on mitochondria, cells that produce energy."
You need to fix this; mitochondria are cell organelles, parts of cells that produce most of the energy for the entire cell, not cells! :(

Jamieson 90:

That actually makes sense so we might see a world where people are kept at their peaks, say aged 25, and that way you wouldn't have to deal with all these problems brought about by old age, so the answer might not be finding a cure for Dementia etc, it might actually be preventing the person getting old enough in the first place, but then that brings about questions of retirement and could be quite cruel in the right circumstances; imagine working a dead end job on a minimum wage for the next 150 years of your life.

Captcha: I think so - okay that's creepy.

On the other hand, not having to save up for retirement in the future would mean you could spend more money and take more vacation right now


So it's going to be 'In Time' meets 'Elysium'.


I like where this is going. I've never wanted to live for 200 hundred years but being as fit as my current age when I'm in my 60s would be great.


Once again a very nice explanation :)
So, if we could artificially replace the organs that reach Hayflicks limit faster, we could poptentially expand our lifetime, at least on average. And while maybe not 300 years, but 150 would be a start.
However best otpion would be to steal somone elses body that is still young, but not everyone considers this moral :P (and yes this was supposed to be a joke)

Just another step towards eventual immortality.

Come on science! Make it happen in my lifetime!

unless they also make you indestructible even an anti ageing drug wouldn't make you immortal because mathematically speaking eventually your gonna be involved in some sort of accident that kills you, might take hundreds of years, but it would happen. so this resets (alters) people cells (dna) sorta to a younger state, hell I was thinking if something like this could be invented a week ago and then this, weird. though what would happen to people with alterations like plastic surgery? (not that I approve of that in most circumstances anyway, but thats another discussion).

Call me a cynic, but just like those battery that can recharge in 5 seconds, I am going to say this may be too good to be true, or at least very unlikely to even work half decently in the next 40 years without serious side effects.

if it was successful price would likely drop to a consumer level because there would be a huge demand for it, and mass market production


unless they also make you indestructible even an anti ageing drug wouldn't make you immortal because mathematically speaking eventually your gonna be involved in some sort of accident that kills you


Eventually True Immortality will be realized, we'll just upload all of a person's combined data for safe keeping every day so at most you'll only lose a day's worth of experience because we'll just print out or grow a new you. But in the long run even accidents will be done away with, once we have the capability to truly alter our bodies we'll just strengthen them making the impact of all accidents less severe, add to this the eventual overtaking of robotics and computers in our lives and everything will run without major life threatening accidents. Combine the two for a new kind of health-care that is far superior to what we have today, bodies designed to keep the vital parts alive for rescue and robotics attuned to their retrieval and revival, even accidental death will be a thing of the past.

Especially once we start to truly get a grip of Terra-forming our own world and start replacing all the natural organisms with those of our design and incorporate all life into a single unified whole, the combined coordination and cooperation will reduce accidents and other dangers to even lower extremes, to say nothing of the complete eradication of all sickness.

This does still give opportunity for cosmic events destroying us but those require a different approach, its nothing we won't be able to handle.

Not that any of that is gonna happen in my natural lifetime. But I am hoping that something will come along to extent my life to the point where these things are possible.

All for the last sentence. A population being healthier longer is going to be (for the most part, insert hypothetical social repercussions here) only beneficial for everyone. Essentially everyone earns their keep longer. However we need to avoid the "at all costs" approach to long life as most avenues will make us biologically functional longer but with extended senility/frailty which is worse than our current situation. Also evolution. Or if that's a scary word for you: generational genetic upgrading. Currently healthy populations keep competitive in the ever changing environments of the world through the death/birth cycle. You're born, you sexually mature, you mate and birth genetically superior copies (marginally and for that moment in time), you raise them til they're capable of reproducing, then you start to break down and eventually die. It ensures that organisms that can't physically, dynamically adjust to changing conditions have a means of improving. Also genetic recombination to innovate, evolve and reduce the damage that diseases can do.

Long story short: longer youth = good, prolonged aging = bad.

Seems a lot closer to Parasite Eve than Resident Evil. I always did find Parasite Eve to be a bit more plausible.

Near impossible to measure all the long-term effects of such a drug. I'm not expecting zombies, mutants or truly advanced beings by any means. I just never feel very optimistic when something is made to sound this incredible.

Wow, I had this all wrong. I thought that this was about human immortality, or at least ushering in the lifespan of the elves. What with overpopulation (and, y'know ... nature) it would be very hard to make this sound like something that would serve the greater good.

Now that I understand that this is about curing disease I'm starting to think that perhaps I misjudged this. Maybe. There are too many other factors to consider and I'm not going to be making any definitive statements as of yet.

I found a company selling a supplement containing NAD and am thinking of trying it. Has anyone any else tried this product yet?

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