Steam Sale Doubled Income of PixelJunk Eden PC In Just Eight Hours

Steam Sale Doubled Income of PixelJunk Eden PC In Just Eight Hours

When PixelJunk Eden went on sale for 99 cents earlier this week, it doubled the income for the Steam version in less than half a day.

Steam's annual winter sale is a force of nature, offering huge discounts on new and old games alike. And even when a game's price is slashed by as much 90 percent, it can still make an absolute killing. Just ask Dylan Cuthbert, of Q-Games, designer and programmer of PixelJunk Eden.

Eden is usually priced at $10 and was normally going for $2.50 during the days of the winter sale. During a Steam community vote earlier this week, though, it saw its cost temporarily reduced to a mere 99 cents. While that deal was only offered for a few hours, in that time it made back all of the money Q-Games had earned on the Steam version of Eden since its release in February of 2012.

"The sale was a mind-blowing success," Cuthbert said via Twitter. Responding to earlier questions via Twitter, Cuthbert said that those who paid only $1 for the game were likely those who weren't planning on buying it in the first place, so it was all extra income for the company. He apparently just didn't realize how much until later.

Eden, the third game in Q-Games' PixelJunk series, is currently available on Steam at the reduced price of $2.50 until the winter sale ends on Jan. 3. The game was first released on the PS3 in 2008. We've sent an email to Q-Games asking if they can provide any further comment on Eden's sales figures. If we hear anything back, we'll let you know.

Source: NeoGaf via Polygon, Twitter


$1.49 for a game and its soundtrack? Sign me up. I might've even paid more, but to be honest, before it popped up as one of thee choices for the Community Choice vote, I had never even heard of it. I'm certainly not paying $10 for a game I never heard of before without wait for it to go on sale. Visibility is the best friend of small release titles like this. And I played a half hour of it last night, I enjoyed it, probably will play more of it.

Steam... it works..

Gaben: Laughing it up as numbers prove crazy specials work.

Steam... it works..

Remember EA's whole 'sales cheapen the IP' spiel a few years back?

The schadenfreude is delicious.

Count me as one of them. Was always curious when I saw it on PS3, and I probably would have never dropped the $10 asking price on either platform. At a buck it was totally in impulse (and card sales) territory. Glad to hear first hand that more can be made by asking for less.

got the game during the special and so far I've found it can be a bit difficult at times, but the music and the style of the game keeps it from getting annoying.

I got it during the sale because I had remembered playing it at a friends house a year or two back. I didn't even know it was on PC until that came up. For me it was the visibility that helped make the sale, though when a game is going for less than a dollar that helps too.

Let me explain something to you guys from West Europe (including UK peoplez), America (US/Canada), Australia. You guys have maybe shitty jobs in your countries and have a hobby of playing videogames, BUT can afford one or 2 60 dollar priced games or 20-30 dollar priced games or whatever. That's more or less good for you. BUT, this is the Internet. The Internet covers the whole world (as far as I know). In East Europe, further going (Russia) then Asia (China with lots of kids), bla bla, there's a whole bunch of other people who some of them have shitty jobs and can't really afford a 10 dollar game but will probably pirate it or pay for it if it were 1 dollar or something which is affordable comparable with their salary and some maybe have good paying jobs and have a hobby like gaming but can't really afford a 60 dollar game after the bill paying food eating shelter having needs bonanza so a 10 dollar priced game in these parts of the world is like a 60 dollar game in the western world ya know? yes, those people who can't afford wouldn't have bought it and would have been otherwise termed pirates, but guess what? affordability turns software pirates into nice citizens, who would've thought of that, ey? As I hear it, in West Europe for example salaries can be in the above 1000 euro range for decent folk, in East Europe, well salaries can be 300-500 for the decent folk. Do you see a difference? I don't. Wait. I do. But alas, I'm one guy spouting some random facts on the interwebs, no need to believe what I'm saying.

Good for the developers for discovering some of this fact. Would be interesting to see statistics on where most of the purchases came from. I'll bet you guys something, if a game sales on steam for 1 dollar/1euro, well that means:

- guys from west civilizations will be buying loads of copies to sale them afterwards at small profit because they can afford to buy 10 copies of a game at 1 dollar than 1 copy of a game at 10 dollars.
- guys from east civilizations (not generalizing, but mostly accurate) will just buy that 1 copy that they always or kinda wished they could've purchased but never could've spat the 10-20-30-50-60 price tag depending on scenario.

Captcha: pick up sticks

Indeed, captcha, indeed. Such is the way the world rotates.


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