Daylight "Don't Look Back" Trailer Shows Haunted Hospital

Daylight "Don't Look Back" Trailer Shows Haunted Hospital

A new trailer for Daylight shows off the game's procedurally generated environments in action.

Hospitals are scary places. I say this fully aware that, generally speaking, they're full of people who dedicated to keeping me alive. Even so, there's just something about them that freaks me out. That in mind, you can only imagine the effect that a poorly lit, dilapidated hospital haunted by vengeful spirits has on my psyche. What I'm trying to say is that Daylight looks creepy and its most recent trailer rubs me in all the wrong (but not perverted) ways.

It's impressive, to a degree, because the trailer itself is pretty much just the player character walking down the hallways of an abandoned hospital. That being the case, the footage is matched up with some ominous audio and a thick ambiance that I'm pretty sure would be spooky even with your eyes closed. All in all, it does a good job of selling the game's frightening, procedurally generated experience.

As much as my hospital-phobia is urging me to skip Daylight, I will admit to being intrigued by the random element of its environments. I love me a good horror game, but most of the best ones that I've played in my life have been heavily scripted. Procedural environments can come with their own caveats, but if Zombie Studios is able to pull Daylight off then it could deliver a horror title that genre devotees could enjoy for years. Check out the trailer and let us know your impressions. Does Daylight look like a horror hit or does it need some more time in intensive care?


Looking forward to this and Outlast on PS4. It's been a long time since I played a good horror.

You can't really get much more cliché than a hospital setting for horror and the trailer didn't really show anything great, but I am pretty interested in the procedurally generated levels. They should add some great replayability if they're done right. Will probably give this a whirl when it's out.

Edit: Watching through the trailer again I have to say, it doesn't look great graphics-wise.
To say it's a brand new Unreal engine and coming to "next gen" it just looks a bit iffy. Don't get me wrong, graphics aren't generally what I look for foremost in games, and I understand that it's still not finished, but that hand at the start (and through most of the trailer) looks bloody awful. Reminds me of Miasmata in that regard.

Hmm... I'm sort of seeing a trend of up-and-starting game designers going for the horror genre. Interesting, since a few movie directors did that too...


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