Zelda-Influenced Short Film Escape to Get Feature-Length Sequel

Zelda-Influenced Short Film Escape to Get Feature-Length Sequel

Princess in Another Castle will be a feature length expansion on the story and theme's of 2012's Escape.

If you missed Kennedy Baruch's short film Escape back in 2012, you should really watch it. Granted, it's a pretty danged heartbreaking slice of video that we wouldn't recommend watching if you plan on being happy for the hour following. That said, it's also a powerful exploration of the pains of a troubled childhood, as well as the power of videogames to serve as an empowering release in dire circumstances.

In turn, Escape earned a ton of critical acclaim when it first released, something that its creator, Kennedy Baruch, took very much to heart. He apparently spent 2013 developing an even more fleshed out take on the concepts of Escape. Unveiled in a recent announcement trailer, Princess in Another Castle will follow a similar storyline (socially maligned girl with bad home life escapes into videogames), but will have a feature length run-time of 90 minutes as opposed to the original's nine. The new film will feature the young McKoy Musser in the star role of Danny.

In addition to a longer length and a new/expanded cast, the film will also take place in 1996 and center around NES games as opposed to Escape, which was more modern and showcased the GameCube. The film will also take some artistic liberties such as pretending that the Japan-only game Mother was released in the United States. Baruch says this will be done because "the plotline of that game fits Danny perfectly." We've reached out to Baruch for more information about the film, which we'll hopefully be able to share with you in the near future.

Source: Nintendo Life


Honestly, I clicked this article ready to roll my eyes at nearly everything involved as is my usual reaction to most video game inspired fan or independent films. Instead I feel as though I came out informed as to both a short and impending feature film that hits the nail on the head as far as what an inspired and original fan film should be.

I feel like too many people waste their time trying to make, add on to or otherwise reinterpret their favorite franchises rather than spending their time and effort on something worthwhile that can help them make a mark in their chosen field. I love the idea of taking that idea of fandom a step further and rather than just putting amateurish visuals to the stories we know, exploring exactly what that fandom means and how it can affect our lives.

Very much so looking forward to seeing how this all shakes out.

So I clicked on the "Escape" link...

Well that's a good 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back

Who knows, maybe the feature will be better...I'm definitely not holding my breath though

I hate to be the wet blanket but... I am not confident in this effort. Escape... isn't very good.
I mean, I get that its sad, but it isn't well put together, and fails to offer up any real point. its just 8 minutes of "this girl's life sucks" without any greater purpose.

Was anyone else impressed when the mum managed to break a fricking Gamecube?

I'm good, I already played the board game.

I'm curious why everyone these days has thick black rimmed glasses.

So it's the story of my young life, but instead of a long haired boy who was often called a girl it will star a girl; she even has a stack of goosebumps books... I'm game.

After watching the heart-wrenching Escape, I seriously doubt I can handle a feature length version of that!


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