Pokemon X/Y Composer Leaves Game Freak

Pokemon X/Y Composer Leaves Game Freak

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Composer Shota Kageyama has left Game Freak after composing several Pokemon games to go independent.

There comes a time when every adventurer gets a Pokemon and steps into the first patch of tall grass for an independent adventure. Shota Kageyama, composer and arranger for Pokemon X and Y as well as other recent games in the series, announced that he left Game Freak on New Year's Eve to form a new music brand.

Kageyama tweeted, "[Greetings] Happy New Year, everyone. I'm sorry to raise a personal matter, but I left GAME FREAK, who has been good to me these past six years and seven months, on December 31 to start a new music brand called Spica Musica."

This doesn't mean Kageyama is leaving games, though. He plans to stay in the field doing work independently. His Game Freak colleagues sent him off with smiles and support for his future projects. He calls his departure a "graduation" after six and a half years of work at Game Freak. He added that his departure from Game Freak was not a farewell to the company as he hopes to create something together again.

Kageyama has composed the music in Pokemon X and Y, Black and White, Black 2 and White 2, and HeartGold and SoulSilver, as well as scoring Pokemon: The Origin. Outside of Pokemon, Kageyama has also worked on the soundtracks to Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Capcom's Luminous Arc.

Source: Anime News Network


It a shame but at least hes not quitting music, I love his stuff and I hope he does produce more music for games.

Shame, I really liked the music in X & Y, well except for Camphrier Town, that tune really grated on the ears for some reason. Hopefully the next game can keep up the high standards.

Loved the X&Y soundtrack so I am sad to hear this.
Looking forward to a new composer for the next generation though!

Well let's hope that the new composer can be as amazing as Shota Kageyama. I loved his soundtracks for Pokemon a lot. Who knows, maybe Nintendo will ask Koji Kondo to do the music and give that genius some more time for experimentation and then he'll not have to keep make similar soundtracks for Mario. :D
See NSMBW and NSMBWU's soudntracks and SM3DL and SM3DW for him basically composing the same songs. I just want another game that shows off his talent, because Galaxy, Sunshine, and 64 show us what Mr. Kondo can do, but NSMB series and the 3D Land and World feel like their holding him back. T^T

well, you know what this means


well, you know what this means


Oh my god, I was thinking the same thing. I was about to ask is he was the guy who composed the music for Hoenn with all its BA-BA-BA-BA-B-B-B-BAAAAAAAAs.

Sad, considering I really loved a good lot of X and Y's music. Team Flare related stuff, specifically, the Champion music was a bit iffy as was the Legendary battle, but that may just be me.

Great. Now he can focus his attention on proper games, as opposed to the stale milking cow that Pokemon has been for over a decade now


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