SOCOM Spiritual Successor H-Hour: World's Elite Gets First Gameplay Video

SOCOM Spiritual Successor H-Hour: World's Elite Gets First Gameplay Video

H-Hour: World's Elite shows its first-ever pre-alpha gameplay footage, courtesy of SOF Studios.

Old-school SOCOM fans will be pleased to know that the series' spiritual successor, H-Hour: World's Elite, has its first official gameplay trailer released today by SOF Studios. This short one-minute clip gives us a glimpse of the shooter's gunplay and visuals in pre-alpha form.

Important to note once again, that this is pre-alpha footage; and SOF Studios even prefaces the gameplay with a note explaining that "nothing" has been tuned yet. So, if the graphics aren't that impressive or the animations seem off, that explains it.

This is a work in progress. H-Hour is pre-alpha. Nothing has been tuned yet. Really, nothing tuned yet. Pretty much no tuning. We are looking forward to the polishing/debugging phase.

For those not familiar with the game, H-Hour: World's Elite is a team-based, first and third-person military shooter that's spearheaded by former SOCOM director David Sears. Announced last year, it's set to hit the PlayStation 4 and PC in January 2015.

Source: Gematsu


Never was a big fan of the shooting in the SOCOM games and the camera positioning seems terrible, still the lack of tactical shooters out there means I will probably end up taking a closer look at this one

Oh, it's coming out on PC as well? They better have something amazing on their hands because Ubisoft is making Division and that looks pretty sweet.


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