Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Uses Mass Effect 3 Art In Recent Episode

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Uses Mass Effect 3 Art In Recent Episode

Mass Effect 3/Agents of Shield comparison

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has been spotted using Mass Effect 3 concept art as a backdrop in one of its episodes.

A sharp-eyed BioWare Social Network user by the name of "fhweufhewiu" noticed something odd - and oddly familiar - in the recently-aired episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD entitled "The Bridge." An outdoor scene in the episode bore, to his eyes, a striking resemblance to some Mass Effect 3 concept art, specifically the limited-edition lithograph "Earth Alliance."

A bit of investigation, backed by a side-by-side comparison, confirmed his theory. There are some changes, such as the removal of the trees, the tower and of course the Normandy and other ships, but the base images are undeniably and unmistakably identical.

The obvious question at this point is whether the ABC network or Marvel had permission to use the art in its show - or, I suppose, whether it needed permission at all. Some of you may also be enjoying a certain small amount of schadenfreude over EA's creative work being nicked for use in someone else's production. We've dropped an inquiry with EA (about whether ABC had permission, not how they feel about the irony of the whole thing) and will update if and when we hear back.

Source: BioWare Social Network


It's not like Bioware haven't done the same thing themselves for ME3.

Yeah this is just amusing.

Now time to watch two soulless megacorps duke it out!
Pass the popping corn!

Here's the thing. Regardless of what Bioware/EA might have done, that doesn't automatically make it all right to copy from them without giving them credit. Two wrongs don't make a right.

Assuming that ABC was supposed to get permission, but decided not to, they are in the wrong no matter what. If I were to, say, copy the interface of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock for a rhythm game and not ask permission from Activision, would that be all right, because it's Activision?

Spoilers: The answer is no.

I find it funny that anyone thinks ABC even knew about this. More than likely it was the work of whatever effects person or persons that composited that shot and no one else had any clue they took it from ME3.

Since Disney (who owns Marvel) and EA (who owns Bioware) have become all buddy-buddy, I doubt this is a real issue whatever the case.

Kind of serves BioWare right for all the crap they stole for Mass Effect 3.

In all actuality, the image has been altered just enough for it not to be infringement. Certain elements were added and subtracted, as well as a change in some of the aesthetic elements of the wall (although, that may just be the picture).

Either way, the argument could be made that they used that wall as a starting point and drew it themselves, based off of the elements that are missing and/or added. Basing a piece of art off of another piece of art isn't illegal - and given how there is no proof that they flat out stole it, nothing will come of it.

Although thats freakin hilarious

Huh.. didn't know Ea had sole ownership of circular buildings with spokes..

Even if it were an "issue" who's to say that ABC did not pay for the rights to use a close resemblance to the "artwork"

Yeah this is just amusing.

Now time to watch two soulless megacorps duke it out!
Pass the popping corn!

It seems pretty unlikely that this will be popcorn popping material. Unless you get really excited about one lawyer contacting another and someone maybe sending a check for an amount that doesn't really matter to either side (but could probably buy someone a car).

I do not find it wrong that I feel this joy over EA being stolen from by a monolithic corporation too large for them to even hope to fight.

Hmm, until recently, I had managed to completely forget about the existence of Agents of Shield. Oh well.

As for the pics, well either it's okay for both of these companies to do this, or it isn't. I'm sure if Marvel/ABC can use a slightly modified piece of art from ME3, then Bioware can use a modified render of a winter scene on a two-mooned planet (they aren't exactly identical after all).

Ugh, I really don't like that image of an unmasked Tali though. Shame, as she looks alright in human form, I think. It's the hand that's the problem as well as the slightly squiffy mouth.

or they could be both ripping off the same reference image, "google graphics inspiring artists at BioWare since 2012", just saying :P

Heh, considering that EA stands to lose a great deal by pissing off Disney, there is little they can do about this, even if they wanted to.

While the similarities are obvious, it's also pretty different. I mean, at what point is inspiration illegal to use for inspiration. That said, I guess this may come down to a judge ultimately. We'll see. Probably will lead to nothing though as this just seems like media stirring up trouble.

looks like a Greg Land job.

I'd like to go see for myself, but Hulu is being a dick and making it so that a whole bunch of shows that previously didn't need a Hulu Plus account to view (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Castle, Raising Hope, etc.), you now need Plus for .

I don't know if this is worth making a big stink of. I mean, it's pretty generic 'future Earth' imagery, Elysium had the same look as well.

Similar but not identical, there's enough distinction that it isn't an issue here.

If anything, the AoS set piece is "inspired" by the Mass Effect art.

While the basic shape of the building is similar, proportions and angles are quite different in addition to the mentioned tower.

Yeah... that's definitely not a fake name somebody created just to post about this... and that's most definitely primetime television production value photoshopping.

Just sayin'... I ain't buyin' it.

Maybe Agents of SHIELD is secretly a prequel to the Mass Effect universe? /tinfoilhat

I know Disney is currently eyeing EA for acquisition (they want someone to make games for them), and they can easily afford to buy out the majority of the stocks (EA's net stock worth is around 6billion, and Disney has about 72billion in assets). So this may have been something that was handled during these meetings. That is speculation though, and I have no real idea if ABC or Disney had any rights to the materials, but it is quite possible.

My question is this: How would you feel about Disney acquiring EA? If Kotick was still in charge, I would be all for it as he was running the company into the ground (average stock prices this year are around $15 a share due to him), but with the new CEO making some changes for the better I'd rather wait and see what happens first, at least from the perspective of a gamer. If I was investing though, I'd buy the shares right before Disney buys them out though, as they are likely to go down until the purchase, then raise back up (maybe by 50% or more over the next few years, if I was to guess).

Just like code can be "appropriated" by other programmers, I'm not surprised when artists recycle other images to cut corners. It happens almost in every industry so yeah it really isn't that big a deal.

Maybe Agents of SHIELD is secretly a prequel to the Mass Effect universe? /tinfoilhat

I like where this is going!

I'm amazed anyone caught this at all. It's interesting to see this happen and I hope to see an update for this article. I mean, so many features are identical, it's clearly the same thing. Since it was done deliberately, I wonder if anyone else on set even knew what the person had designed. Lots of questions linger.


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