Knights of Badassdom Gets Release Dates

Knights of Badassdom Gets Release Dates

Knights of Badassdom, starring Peter Dinklage, will release for TUGG viewing on January 21st and video-on-demand on February 11th.

In case you haven't heard of Joe Lynch's Knights of Badassdom, it's the simple tale of a group of LARPing buddies who head into the woods for a bit of harmless fun and accidentally summon a Succubus from hell. As you can imagine, hijinks ensue that, given the subject matter, are steeped in layers upon layers of glorious nerdom. Toss in a cast that includes Summer Glau, Steve Zahn, the blonde guy from True Blood and Peter Dinklage and you've pretty much got a winning recipe for fun.

We're bringing all of this up for a reason, of course. A video announcement has just been put out confirming that Badassdom will be releasing via TUGG and video-on-demand on January 21st and February 11th, respectively. Now granted, we haven't seen the movie yet and can't speak to its quality, so for all we know it could suck. Likewise, the version being made available is apparently also different from the one that director Joe Lynch intended for release. That said, it still looks like a blast and, in the least, it will probably scratch that LARPing-fantasy-farce itch that we know you've been suffering from.

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The thing about Peter Dinklage is that everything he's in rises in quality dramatically, just by virtue of his presence, so of course I'll check this out. It looked funny when I saw the trailer last year, and it still looks funny now.

It's about time it get a release date! Seriosuly what took so long seeing how the film itself was fully finish, ready to be watched!

I did not know about this. Now I have to see it. I have to see it so bad.

Finally! I've been waiting for this since its first announcement... about 2 and a half years, for the record :P

Does anyone know why some films take so long in post-production?

The film took so long because Wade Bradely of Indievest forced everyone out of the post production process so he could get it edited independently, sold off privately and ultimately steal the film...
This is the looted goods that is likely a sloppy diluted version of Joe Lynch's original vision.

This is not likely going to be of the same quality and consistency of 2011's trailer.

I honestly thought I would ever get a chance to see this movie. I'm hoping it's going to be worth the wait. Not expecting an epic Oscar-worthy film, just a really fun movie with a great cast.

Seriously, the captcha for this post was: do or do not

So... is this the version that one of the financiers basically stole from the rest of the team and recut in a manner that angered the creators? If so, I consider this a pass till the original vision comes out

I may or may not check it out. While the titles elude me it's hardly been the first time I've seen LARPING used to try and set up horror movies and the like. One I remembered watching had to do with some dudes who don't LARP chasing this girl who does to her event, where her character has been "captured" by some barbarian LARPer who plans to "sacrifice" her in some ritual to change the balance of power in the fantasy kingdom. In the end it wasn't very funny or well done, and the bottom line is the ritual "works" summoning "The Wild Hunt" in the form of causing a bunch of LARPers to go berserk and really beat a bunch of others to death during the finale... or something like that. Then there are things like "The Gamers: Dorknesss Rising" and others.

Who knows, if I get bored I might watch it for "free" on a streaming service if one I have carries it, largely because Summer Glau is in it.


To be honest, it just occurred to me that the real reason why this bugs me is that the plot somehow manages to sound very similar to the movie "Skullduggery". That was a movie where one of the guys in a PnP RPG game winds up becoming possessed by ancient evil (which might be an oddly sexually disinterested incubus or a "6th degree warlock") and runs around killing a bunch of people.... it's been a long time but I seem to remember the plot didn't really make much sense.... but uh, yeah that, I think it clicked in my subconscious.

Gaming is cool, done a lot of PnP gaming. LARPing and SCA stuff is also cool but I never much got into it. At the end of the day though it doesn't seem to translate well into movies, even as a backdrop for other things. I wish them luck with the project though.

This sounds bloody hilarious. Will be eagerly awaiting.

I have no idea what it is - a movie, a tv-series, a game? - but I don't care. The moment I saw Summer Glau screaming Mortal Kombat reference and looking/acting like she was in a 90's Xena: The Warrior Princess episode I laughed out loud and made up my mind to watch it.

"Hey,it's Summer Glau! And Peter Dinklage!"

"In what?"

"I'm not quite sure..."

I am definitely looking forward to this even if I don't have high expectations. Still, Peter Dinklage is the man and I'm sure he'll kick plenty of ass in this flick.


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