Fable Anniversary Goes Gold, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

[I]Fable Anniversary[/i] Goes Gold, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Fable Anniversary Gold

Lionhead reveals the Peiratēs, Snowspire, and Apollo pre-order packs for Fable Anniversary.

Lionhead Studios has announced on its blog that Fable Anniversary for the Xbox 360 has gone gold well ahead of its February 4 release date. For those not familiar with the term, a game entering "gold" status means that physical copies are being pressed and sent to retailers in preparation for the title's release. Additionally, the studio has also revealed the pre-order bonuses for Fable Anniversary that will be available at select retailers, which we've listed below.

Peiratēs Pre Order Pack

Peiratēs Outfit - Peiratēs was a famous plunderer, known for travelling uncharted waters to take entire cargo ships hostage for their most expensive items. He was also known by the name "Pete" in less formal circles.

Peiratēs Cutlass - A weapon used at sea needs to be both practical and effective. Peiratēs spent years refining this weapon so that the hook could be used to catch fish, the tip could be used to eat fish, and the blade could be used to slit a man's throat.

Snowspire Pre Order Pack

Snowspire Guard Outfit - Made from genuine horse hair, this outfit is said to calm even the most vocal of criminals.

The Jackarse - An age-old popular pasttime was run by a chap named Jack, who used to slap people around the face with a dead fish until they fell onto their arse. The rest, as they say, is history...

Apollo's Pre Order Pack

Apollo's Outfit - Apollo is the pseudonym for the leader of The Grey Company, the man responsible for monitoring Lady Grey's financial investments. As fearsome as that may sound, he had a reputation for being incredibly nice, often using his own money to bail out any villager that couldn't afford that months rent.

Apollo's Crossbow - Based on a centuries old concept, Apollo wanted to create a modern crossbow with the feel of a relic from the past - and thus this crossbow was born. Dependable in combat, but also pretty tasty to look at.

Check your preferred retailer to know which pre-order pack they're offering for Fable Anniversary. Just in case you want to get all the pre-order items, Lionhead has also announced that the pre-order goodies listed above will be available for purchase on the Xbox Game Store later this year.

Set for release this February 4 for the Xbox 360, Fable Anniversary is an HD re-mastering of the original Fable and includes The Lost Chapters.

Source: Lionhead Studios via Gematsu


Well, I guess I got my hopes too high with a PC version. Should have figured. Oh well, still have the original on Steam.

I've never particularly minded preorder DLC, but this time the choices aren't particularly appealing enough to influence my decision of who to buy it from. Probably from Gamestop, as usual.

And so it fucking begins, don't really need to ask twice if this will be microtransactioned up the ass hole.

This is the only Fable game that I actually liked and thought was good. Never played two because too many people told me that it was a letdown, and three was good up until the ending of the game. All that build up and...nothing. So yeah, I'm excited about this. I'll finally have a reason to play my 360 again instead of just watching DVDs on it.

Behold, the one game that will actually cause me to take my original Xbox out of the shoebox I put it in. :P
But anyway, not gonna really preorder this game since Lionhead DLC has burned me before. *glares at Fable 3 restricting me from playing with my friends because I have 1 hat*

I'm torn between Apollo's Outfit and the fish weapon.

And I find it nice that they'll be offering the exclusive pre-order bonuses later on XBL. Just hope they don't charge too much for them.

Wow. I may have to dig my Xbox 360 out of storage. I wonder if it's still going to even work after being packed in a box for over five years, as that's how long it's been since I've played anything on it.


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