Road Redemption Releases New Work-In-Progress Video

Road Redemption Releases New Work-In-Progress Video

A new Road Redemption video is here to remind you that work on the "spiritual successor" to Road Rash is still underway.

It's been awhile since we heard anything from Road Redemption - and you do remember Road Redemption, don't you? Squeaking through Kickstarter last spring, it's a high-speed game of violence on two wheels that's heavily inspired by the classic racer Road Rash.

And while it hadn't exactly dropped off the face of the Earth, it had been a couple months since the last Kickstarter update, which was itself just a request for input on how to implement co-op multiplayer. Acknowledging that stretch of quiet, the team has released a new gameplay video showing off some of the improvements that have recently been made.

The trailer includes some graphical updates as well as early implementations of the Uzi and grenade launcher, and while it is admittedly not much to look at, the game is still fairly early in development at this point. Paul Fisch of developer DarkSeas Games also noted that the video was captured on a laptop, at "medium settings and a lower resolution." In the full release, he added, "Cars can drive correctly or all lanes can be oncoming traffic. In this video it was all oncoming traffic."

Perhaps not the most exciting update ever, but as an old fan of Road Rash I'm happy to see that the wheels are still turning. Road Redemption is currently expected to be ready to roll in July 2014 for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Source: Kickstarter


I was a huge Road Rash fan in the long ago. I won't be pledging cash, but I will pledge my total support and hope they release a great game.

The inclusion of guns ruins it for me. Chains, billy clubs, crow bars, nunchuks, and a good old fashioned heel to the wheel should be the only weapons involved in this. Getting up close to your opponent was the fun of it, now you can just shoot from a distance.

It's a different game. The Road Rash influence is obviously there, but the final release is (or hopefully will be) its own unique thing. Hopefully guns won't overtake the whole thing - motorcycle melee is a lot of fun, after all - but given that big rigs have appeared in the concept art, it's quite possible that racers will need a little more oomph in their arsenal than just a tire iron.


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