The Banner Saga Releases to Steam, Digital Retailers Today

The Banner Saga Releases to Steam, Digital Retailers Today

The Banner Saga, Stoic Studio's role-playing Kickstarter sensation launches today for $24.99.

Back in April 2012 Stoic Studios, founded by former Bioware staffers, launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the tactical RPG The Banner Saga. Promising lush hand-drawn visuals, game changing choices and challenging strategic combat, the campaign earned more than $720,000 and well in excess of its original $100,000 goal. Since the end of its campaign Stoic has been toiling away to finish the game and release it to eager RPG fans around the world. As of today, the studio's quest is complete.

As promised back in November, The Banner Saga was released today along with a new launch trailer that shows off more of the game's story, as well as its combat in action. Role-playing devotees interested in giving it a go will be able to pick it up for $24.99 on Steam and at other digital retailers including UPlay, GameFly, GameStop and Gamers Gate. A digital Deluxe Edition including both the game and its soundtrack is also being sold for $29.99.

I was pretty stoked for The Banner Saga when it was originally revealed, to the point that I contributed to the game's Kickstarter. In turn, with it now finally out and available I'm looking forward to diving into it and seeing how the final product turned out. Have any of you played it yet? If so, what do you think? Is it worth the $700,000 plus dollars gamers gave it, or does it seem like less than you hoped it would be?


I can't wait to get home from work! I really love all of the hand-drawn art(reminds me of Fire and Ice, the tactical combat looks great, and the resource management looks interesting as well. I'm happy to see Kickstarter is seeing results.

I backed it, but didn't really follow the development as I didn't want to spoil anything for myself. I am excited to see how it all turned out!

I've been trying to avoid following it too closely since I didn't want to spoil it too much for myself, but I did pay attention when it was time to submit my crest. It should look...err...familiar.

Cool, I first saw it at PAX prime and I've been looking forward to its release.


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