The Last of Us "Left Behind" DLC Release Date Leaks Ahead of Announcement

The Last of Us "Left Behind" DLC Release Date Leaks Ahead of Announcement

The Last of Us Left Behind Date

Sony's PSN Store leaks the release date of The Last of Us' "Left Behind" single-player DLC.

While Sony or Naughty Dog has yet to announce an official release date for The Last of Us' first single-player DLC "Left Behind," it seems the PlayStation Network Store on the PS3 has accidentally revealed when it will be available ahead of its announcement. According to a PSN Store image NeoGAF user LittleToaster took, Left Behind will be available for download next month on February 14. Also. checking the Sony Entertainment Network store, you can see that the date for the DLC has changed from its original listing of March 31 to February 14. Given that the February release date is on two Sony stores, chances are this is the real deal and not just a store error.

Left Behind won't just introduce a new character into the fold, but Ellie's actress Ashley Johnson also says we'll see a more "playful" side to her in-game persona.

Just in case you still didn't know, Naughty Dog's third-person action-adventure game won The Escapist's "Game of the Year" award for 2013, and make sure to read up to understand why The Last of Us has garnered one award after another.

Source: NeoGAF


Feb 14th huh? Awesome. I've been looking forward to playing more Last of Us. It's my personal GotY too. (with Ni No Kuni coming VERY close behind)

Me and my dad can't wait!

But I wonder how quickly "playfulness" will give way to "frenzied knifing"....

I'm a bit disappointed with this dlc. Dark horse already released a comic with this story. Besides, we have some lore that could've been tapped into. Why is Ellie's mom was so important to Marlene? And damn it, what the hell happened to Ish!?! The story in those notes made the sewers fun!

Valentine's Day? Really? Okay, odd day to be releasing this kind of DLC, one that we know is going to end not well for Ellie and her best friend but sill I'm quite stoke for this DLC.


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