Kanye Kills Coinye

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I really don't see how this kind of stuff is derogatory to Kanye or anybody else for that matter. It's not using a person's likeness for profit, since it's just a mining pool, it doesn't actually profit its hosts significantly. They could have called themselves Coinye, Dogecoin2, Trollcoin or 123Coin for that matter, makes no difference.

They, just like Dogecoin, used something/someone recognisable/funny. That's just what the internet does.

Yup, yup, this was not at all a parody based on an episode of South Park, it totally will harm Kaneys pristine image irrevocably.

And by the way, parodies aren't protected under copyright law, right? Like they're completely liable to lawsuits? I think that's how it works.

This completely pointless lawsuit will in no way damage Kanye Wests image a thousand times more then some random joke on the internet, that's for sure.

Well that didn't last long.

That man just can't take a good joke.

-"I will kill dis joke!"

-"No, Mr. West. You are the joke."

And then Mr. West was a joke.

I like how people act as though using someones likeness for the express purpose of making a profit without asking for permission is somehow alright. Kayne was in the right here, not that anyone here will accept that.

Diapproval of Kayne doesn't have to mean automatic approval for using someone's likeness for unapproved profits.

(Well, with that said, I don't really disapprove, he's just a bit of an easy target. What I'm getting at is that not just responding by going "Good!" when this is brought up doesn't have to mean that you think that all laws governing likeness and unapproved profits should go.) EDIT.

I guess this was Bound 2 happen sooner than later

So was the site's main draw that it fulfilled the same purpose as Bitcoin but with a silly name? Weak :P

I really wonder how sites like that work to begin with... Ah well, crime doesn't pay

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