Spirited Away Built Brick By Brick In Minecraft

Spirited Away Built Brick By Brick In Minecraft

It's being rebuilt brick by brick, down to the smallest pixel.

Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away is one of the most beautiful films of all time, and it's the inspiration for Alan Becker's current obsession: rebuilding the entire Spirited Away world, brick by brick, in Minecraft. Want to see the bathhouse, the ghost town, Zeniba's cottage? It can be arranged, but first take a look at the work in progress.

Those of you who wonder what it'd be like to walk around in that world ought to take a look at the YouTube channel, which'll give you the grand tour. The project's about 80% done, and when it's finished Becker thinks he might tackle another Miyazaki-inspired project.

"To make it 100% accurate," says Becker, "I'm cross-referencing 400 screen shots taken from the movie, as well as watching the movie over and over ... and finally I'm using a custom texture pack so that it matches the movie down to the smallest pixel." You don't get much more dedicated than that.

If you want to see all the magic Becker has to offer, take a look at the official webpage over here.


I now demand a mod that replaces the slime monsters of Minecraft with the heads that were from Spirited Away. :D
Said mod must also make the Enderman No-Face because it makes sense. I mean No Face can be gentle, like and Enderman, unless you piss it off.

As with all Minecraft things of this nature, unless they're doing it in Hardcore mode it's like admiring someone's knitting. Impressive that they had all that free time to blow, but other than that, not really of note, IMO.


That construction is dwarfed by this:

It's a shame the audio track was removed, because it used to have an amazing song playing, too.

Ooooh... very nice. Think they could try other Miyzaki classics?


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