Windows XP Phaseout Puts 13 Million Japanese PCs at Risk

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Steven Bogos:
Japan, which many see as a futuristic nation on the cutting edge of technology, ironically clings to office technology that the western world has long-since abandoned, such as the fax machine and Internet Explorer.

I understand there is still no practical substitute for the fax machine when it comes to secure document transmission, strange as it may sound.

Kumagawa Misogi:
I left a job at a GlaxoSmithKline in December and they still had many PC's running windows 95, 98, 2000 and ME so it would not surprise me if there were still XP machines out there 10 years from now.

I reckon they have a lot of expensive scientific equipment which is incompatible with newer operating systems and which the manufacturers do not care to keep supporting.

They do but the computers I was talking about were for normal office duties.


Hairless Mammoth:

And I'm just sitting here still using windows ME.

Wow, there are people and even businesses still using ME? It might work better after some update in it's late support life, but I remember as a kid trying to get my sister's emachine with Windows Mistake Edition to even run right on a weekly basis. Burning incense and praying to the machine god was to most consistent way to get it running for a month at a time without a complete reinstall. You guys are true heros with the patience of a saint.

I was just joking when I said that.
Can windows ME even access the internet? My grandma had it on her computer, and I was just at loss for words at how bad it was with... well, everything.

Oh, thank goodness. I really wouldn't be surprised that at least a few people still use it. They should still be able to get online with like IE 5 or something. I don't know if you can get a recent Firefox or Flash version installed on ME but I can imagine someone who is so stubborn they refuse to listen to warnings and think PC are like cars: "they may get old and loose power but it still gets me from point A to B." Or they just can't afford a new one and won't buy a dirt cheap used XP, Vista, or Win7 system.

Just tell me guys, what exactly is the reason an average company should upgrade its computers from XP to 7? I mean computers used for email, accounting or whatever and and just general office work.

Seriously, why? Why spend a ton of money and another ton of manhours to change what works?

This isn't your home computer where you play games and which you try to keep up to date. This is about machines which may be 10 years old and still work completely fine for what's required of them. And multiplied by 10, 30 or 200 for an entire company.

Not to mention custom software which only works on an old OS and brings further hassle. Even this last point is way more common than one thinks.

Yeah, I was working at a town office in Wakayama for three years... First day I sat down to my desk and booted my laptop.
"Holy balls it's XP..."
I looked for in my desk for a portable disk drive to load a textbook onto my machine.
"Holy monkey balls, this thing still eats floppy disks"

True story - Japan is only techy in Tokyo.

I'm surprised XP is still suopported in Japan at all, wasn't the support in western world ceased years ago?

Nope, XP support sunsets on April 8th.

I'm not entirely sure of the point of this article. "Japan: A Nation of Procrastinators?" It's not like Microsoft has been bashful about letting people know that they're ending support for XP. My office is in the final stages of upgrading all XP devices to Windows 7, a project that's taken about a year to complete. Frankly, any IT manager anywhere in the world that hasn't put together a plan for the end of XP support (by either upgrading to a newer platform or formally accepting of the risks associated with running an unpatched OS) should be fired.

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