Hearthstone Open Beta Begins

Hearthstone Open Beta Begins

Hearthstone open beta

It's time to go play some Hearthstone!

Blizzard Entertainment has just announced that Hearthstone, the collectible card game it announced last year, is now in open beta. The beta test is currently limited to North America but will be rolled out to other regions in the next few days.

"It's been a crazy past few months for all of us on the Hearthstone team," Blizzard wrote on Battle.net. "We announced Hearthstone at PAX East back in March, began the Closed Beta Test in August, had a great Hearthstone event at BlizzCon with the Innkeeper's Invitational along with our announcements for Android and iPhone support, and now we're ready to unleash the awesomeness of Hearthstone to you with Open Beta!"

No more wipes are planned, meaning that players can now jump into the action with both feet, but Blizzard warned that there may still be bumps in the road.

"As open beta is still a beta phase, we will be closely monitoring many aspects of the game to ensure a positive play experience for everyone," it wrote. "Please be aware that if smoke starts curling out of our servers due to unexpectedly high demand to play Hearthstone, we may have to temporarily disable open beta account activations for a time until we're ready to take on more players."

The free-to-play Hearthstone client is available now at Battle.net.


Have they balanced going second yet? have they fixed all the rng cards? No. which is why I don't play this any more, I feel that most of my losses are just luck rather than skill, making the losses frustrating and the wins meaningless.

That is every CCG dude, nature of the beast.

Having played this in closed beta, I really appreciated the polish and the speed of play, but in the end it just felt too stripped down. If anything, that seems to be a problem with a lot of Blizzard games these days. Highly polished and responsive, but lacking in depth.

Glad its open now, so more of my friends can try it. It does def have some RNG issues (I hate the mad bomber) but still very polished and enjoyable.

I was in the closed beta. Polished yes, but this game is pay to win or endless frustration if you like losing. Even in the closed beta, they pimped out the fact you could buy more card boosters.

Nice, if anyone with an EU client feels like playing, just send me a private message with your name in-game and I'll add you :).

but this game is pay to win or endless frustration if you like losing.

This is absolutely false. I am running an aggro hunter deck right now and it uses mostly basic cards, some common expert cards, and a few rares. No epics or legendaries. I'm winning about 7 out of every 10 games with it.


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