Tim Schafer Game For Brutal Legend 2

Tim Schafer Game For Brutal Legend 2

Brutal Legend Screen

He'd even settle for a Lionwhyte DLC pack.

Depending on who you talk to, Brutal Legend may not have been Double Fine's best game. To some, it was an underrated gem. To others, it was a mess of genres. In an interview with GameSpot, Double Fine's Tim Schafer said that he'd love to revisit the game sometime, even if only via a DLC pack.

"I love that world and I would love to go back there, Schafer said. "And I think [actor Jack Black] might be up for it, too." While self-funding games via Kickstarter might be great for smaller-scale projects like Broken Age, keep in mind that it won't come close to covering the $25 million spent developing Brutal Legend.

"I would love to go back to that world or even just do a DLC pack...we're always trying to get Lionwhyte in there; a playable Lionwhyte army," Schafer added. "Maybe that would happen someday. I would definitely love to do that."

It's been five years since Brutal Legend released on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, but a port hit PCs last year. According to Schafer, it was Double Fine's best selling game, even topping the sleeper hit Psychonauts. There's a lot of potential waiting to be tapped in the Brutal Legend universe, even if releasing a DLC pack for a five-year-old game seems odd.

Source: Gamespot


Why of all armies would Brutal Legend need a Lionwhyte army? His units were just glam rock re skins of the normal units. I'd much rather see an army based off of the racing demons, they already have two units; Fletus, and those out of place motorcycle fuzzballs that Doviculus can summon

Loved the game, even if the strategy elements weren't all they were cracked up to be.

Loved the hell out of that game. I kind of want to see a sequel that includes other genres of music. Like a techno world that looks similar to Tron, or a hip-hop/rap/pop world, where some parts are all ghetto, and other parts are upper class LA. That game has some of the best music influenced imagery I've ever seen, and has some amazing creative potential.

Psychonauts 2 first...then you can do whatever you want to do...

I'm not a huge fan of Brutal Legend to be honest. I'd rather it be a straight up RTS than the weird action/strategy hodgepodge it turned out to be. Also wish it was an action platformer...

I had mixed feelings about this game;

On one hand it had an awesome setting, some great humor and good music. (yea, liked it all) The combat system was ok, not great, but not the worst either. It felt a bit clunky though on the pc.

Then you got the forced in top down strategy stuff that was just abysmal. I'm still stuck on the first time you grow wings and get to command your forces.

And that's another thing, first he goes on about how he [Eddy] is a roady and does everything on the background, and that the LEADER should be that other guy. Now shouldnt that leader not command the forces aswell.

They should have just stuck to the hack n slash (with a bit of racing, that shit's fun)

Even though, i'd still buy part II

If it was a god of war platform set in the brutal legend world that would be awesome. Sadly not many people enjoyed the strategy elements which felt under developed.

I would buy #2 if it was one or the other genre, not both.

Yes please! I loved BL for PC!

Hating the broken RTS parts, loved everything else. Another/continuation Brutal Legend sounds pretty good.

It's like all my dreams have come true from one article. Brutal Legend had to be my favourite game of all time and I'd absolutely love a sequel.

Hey Tim, you know what would be awesome? Is to stop pretending the RTS stuff was a good idea and instead release a DLC or sequel that's all about the great hack-n-slash bits at the beginning with some of the fun driving thrown in.

Alternatively, you could tweak the whole engine for a new PC port where the RTS bits could actually be deep, intuitive and interesting.

It was such a fantastic idea with so many great elements, but you screwed it up. It would be great if you could un-screw it.

Still, the simple fact that there could be more Brutal Legend content is great.

Eh...Put it on the Wii U; it may make the Strategy aspects easier to digest. I liked everything about Brutal Legend up to the gameplay...but I'm willing to give it another chance if it were to be re-released or given a sequel.

Don't make those dumbass guitar solos QTEs and balance them, remove that stupid god of war hacking on enemies for half an hour with no indicator of how much health they have crap and it might just be a solid RTS.

As much as I love/hate this game, please don't add anything to it, the best thing to do is to just leave it be.

Yes the original should have had a playable Lionwhyte army, you fucked it up, but just move on, let it go.

Loved everything about this game. I would flip shit and purchase it for a fifth time if he released DLC. I'm curious to see where this leads. Come on EA! Do what is right.

I would pay full $60 for a DLC pack if it meant more Brutal Legend. I know the Internet is saturated in hyperbole but I am not kidding. Brutal Legend is the exact type of game that needs a second chance.

Oh, hell yes...provided the game is less about the strategy elements and more about the combat, racing, exploring, humor...toss in a few heavy metal themed boss fights and you'll have another instant purchase from me.

I would back a kick starter for a sequel... as long as Jack Black is involved, and Ophelia is there ;)

Loved the hell out of Brütal Legend and would sell a kidney to support a revisit. Would prefer more of an emphasis on exploring and cool sites this time, my second biggest complaint was how small the world felt. My biggest complaint was the removal of a huge chunk of the third act, that kind of killed the game for me in the end.

Tim Schafer game for Brutal Legend 2? Well, I'm game for a Double Fine kickstarter for a heavy metal-themed hack-n-slash. Seriou7sly, man, just do it. You'd get the money so fast.


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