Rumor: Pixar Making Star Wars Movie

Rumor: Pixar Making Star Wars Movie

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Disney's beloved animation studio may be making a Star Wars film of its own.

Since Disney acquired the rights to the Star Wars universe in 2012, the House of Mouse has had big plans for Luke Skywalker and his buddies. On top of a new live-action movie trilogy and new video games, there may be an animated film in the works courtesy of CGI animation studio Pixar. According to Latino Review, not only are the makers of Toy Story and WALL-E creating their own take on the Star Wars universe, it's only part of Disney's plan to expand the franchise, which also includes TV shows and Marvel comics tie-ins.

The report comes from Latino Review's source at Marvel, who previously helped the site break the news that Guardians of the Galaxy was in development. While unconfirmed, the rumor isn't completely outrageous; Disney is preparing to shoot Star Wars: Episode VII now, and comics publisher Dark Horse recently announced that the comics license for Star Wars would be moving to the Disney-owned Marvel after more than 20 years. Meanwhile, EA is working on some Star Wars games after making a publishing agreement with Disney, most notably the long-awaited Battlefront III.

Pixar has a long track record of critically acclaimed, commercially successful films, so this could be good news for Star Wars fans, if it turns out to be true. Still, as a lifelong devotee of Star Wars and Disney, it's hard not to be wary of the risk of oversaturation. It's possible that I'm still feeling the sting of some of Disney's more negative actions since purchasing LucasFilm, like shutting down LucasArts and killing Star Wars 1313.

Source: Latino Review via ScreenCrush


If true, id imagine it being a movie based on the Clone Wars animated series.

And its Pixar, theyre not prone to botching thier projects.

If true, id imagine it being a movie based on the Clone Wars animated series.

And its Pixar, theyre not prone to botching thier projects.


Cars 2 says hi...

We'll see. Pixar has sort of lost their luster recently (Cars 2, Brave, and Monsters U are nowhere NEAR their typical standards), and they've got even MORE sequels on the horizon (Finding Dory is something I never asked for...).

If they're in Up and Wall-E mode? Awesome. If they're in Cars 2 mode? Well, can't be worse than the Clone Wars movie...

We're starting to see why Disney wanted Star Wars so bad. And, honestly, it's one of the only companies that I think has the resources to pull something so big off. Without resorting to other companies, at any rate. Not just making movies, but comics and TV shows, and probably a few video games. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Not upset, but I'm also not waiting with baited breath.

Still, it's interesting to begin to see just what Disney had in mind with this acquisition.

As for the movie, I'm cautiously optimistic if it is true. Pixar has a pretty solid batting average. They may have a few less than excellent movies, but they've also made some great films, like The Incredibles. Which could easily translate well if they get in whatever mindset helped them make that one.

Good-bye to all the Star Wars lore and characters I learned and grew up with over the years. With the amount of stuff they are throwing out, there's no possible way Mara Jade, Jaina, Tenel Ka and all the rest are coming out of it alive. Sigh...

On topic, I'm a bit wary on this. I'm used to Pixar movies having heart in them and whatnot. Star Wars, not so much--at least in the movies. This could be good, but I'm worried it won't feel like Star Wars. We shall see I suppose.

I would be much more excited for this than any new live action Star Wars movies.

As much as I love me some (good) Star Wars stuffs, an animated Star Wars movie would be a waste of Pixar's time.


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