Sony Patents Modular Next-Gen Move Controller

Sony Patents Modular Next-Gen Move Controller

Would a contextually adaptable Move get you interested in motion controls again?

Just when you thought game developers had moved on from throwing motion-based game devices at your feet, hoping you'll pick them up and get off the couch, Sony may be jumping back in the ring. The PlayStation-maker has patented a new Move controller that could overcome one of the motion controller's biggest hurdles, context.

The modular PS Move controller would allow users to attach or remove block-like components to approximate the feel of commonly-used gaming tools. As you can see, some of the potential shapes Sony envisions include a shotgun, an assault rifle and a sword. Presumably there might some non-violent alternatives but then those are probably what we'd use it for most of the time.

Obviously, there's no telling whether or not Sony's actually interested in diving back into the Move market. There are many steps between filing a patent and shipping a product. As Engadget points out, Sony seems to be perfectly content leveraging the DualShock 4's ability to mimic the Move's motion-based functions, which developers can use without worrying about a splintered install base. If they could get players interested, though, Sony could make a fortune selling each of those "Move-Blocks" to players, piece by piece.

Source: USPTO via Engadget


Oy, why Sony, why?

Why are you still wasting your time with this crap, when nobody is even interested in it?

At least Nintendo had an excuse; For them it was selling.

Meh, I highly doubt this will ever get made. Lots of stupid ideas get patented and then never made. Reporting on patent filings isn't really news-worthy IMO.

Stupid general gaming population...

While certainly for the wii-sports type games you needed to stand up, and they always liked advertising use of the controllers as very active, actually playing regular games the wii-mote+nunchuk actually let me increase my lazyness factor a good bit. Since you don't need to have both hands glued together I could flop down on the couch in a more natural resting position while I played games like Twilight Princess or whatever.

Personally I wish every game used that control setup, or better yet just came with the option for it.

as someone who constantly defends violence in videogames, even i find that image above a little hard to swallow... something about it just feels wrong. anyone else get that same vibe?

O~oh! I just love this new gimmick. I wanna spend alot of time and money on peripherals that will have no discernible positive benefit to gameplay. Thats why I own several copies of Link's Crossbow Training.

Whats that? You've got lead paint chips for me to eat? Yay! I want 'em! I want 'em!

Modular controllers are neat, but I read somewhere that the move camera actually looks at whats in your hand to decide what configuration you're using instead of circuit inside the parts telling the main unit how there plugged in. It still sounds like a gimmick. Although, we know Sony will try something to "compete" with the Kinect 2 and wiipad.

Captcha: Brand Lift. Yeah, Playstation Move needs a brand lift, to the moon.

"One of the motion controller's biggest hurdles, context."

Well, sure; imagination of what a stick can turn into can be limiting, just ask any child. What they really need to be able to make some development for is feedback. Recoil on screen but not in your hand? Oh, the sword bounced off of the shield? Then why is my controller behaving as if it went right through the dude?

Not easily achievable, so I think such 'immersive' motion controllers are a fool's errand to try and create.


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