Shovel Knight Trailer Reveals Release Date

Shovel Knight Trailer Reveals Release Date

A recent trailer for Shovel Knight has promised a new March release date for the retro-themed platformer.

For those of us who fancy nostalgic throwbacks to bygone eras of gaming's past, it doesn't get much better than games like Shovel Knight. Emulating the looks and mechanics of just about every 8-bit platformer you ever loved, it's a title that more than a few people (including nearly 15,000 Kickstarter contributors) are looking forward to.

It now seems however, that eager gamers won't have to wait too much longer for Shovel Knight's release. While an announcement on its developer's website has confirmed that the game just entered the alpha phase of its development this week, a recently trailer has revealed that the game will release on March 31st. This is likely to be a relief to fans of the project who had to suffer through a delay that pushed back a proposed 2013 release to "early 2014." Granted, the game's release could always be postponed again, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that this date will be the real deal.

The trailer itself clocks in at about two-and-a-half minutes and is pretty much a retro flavored feast for the eyes that any old school gamer should be able to appreciate. Obviously, we'll need to wait until we actually play the game to see how it all turns out, but if it's half as much fun as this footage makes it out to be, you can pretty much count us as being sold on the sucker. What do you think? Is Shovel Knight going to be a must-have for you or has it been looking like just another indie game selling itself on the nostalgia of aging gamers? Don't hold back now, we can take it.

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Just watched the trailer and I think I might be buying this. Some good ol' adventure platforming. Reminds me of a Wario game for the original gameboy. So good. I won't pay more than $20, though.

At a quick glance I thought it was an announcement for a new character class in Rogue Legacy! Still though, watching the actual video holy nostalgic kick Batman! They seem to be trying to get a little bit of everything in there.

I'm so damn ready for this!

I backed this game when I first heard of it and I'm so super excited about it finally coming out! :D

I want this so bad!!

It's so beautiful... Please be good, please be good, PLEASE BE GOOD!!!!!!

Everything about this looks magnificent, I really hope they don't find a way to fuck it up somehow.


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