Animator David O'Reilly Believes Cartoonish Look in Her May Be the Future

Animator David O'Reilly Believes Cartoonish Look in Her May Be the Future

David O'Reilly made the video game portions of Spike Jonze's film Her, breathing life into a cute, vulgar Alien Child.

One of the iconic and hilarious parts of Spike Jonze's film Her stars Alien Child in a 3D animation by David O'Reilly. Doing the animation for the futuristic video game portions of the film, O'Reilly looked back on his experiences of Her and sees animation like that of Alien Child as the future.

Comparing his animations to the realistic art style found in today's popular games like Grand Theft Auto V, O'Reilly said he could see cartoonish animation styles become more popular, overtaking realism in games. Especially with the recent launch of the PS4 and Xbox One, many of the big games being developed today place a greater emphasis on making graphics look lifelike.

In Her, Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) lives in a future Los Angeles that's developed augmented technology as different gadgets all work together, eliminating the need for things like desktop PCs and smartphones. Theodore works as a greeting card writer, living a mostly solitary life and playing Kinect-like games. He ends up falling in love with his OS named Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), who tries to help him in whatever way she can. In the posted scene, Alien Child has a back and forth vulgar battle with Theodore and provides unhelpful comments.

Other than the video game sequences in Her, O'Reilly's animation work can be found in music videos for U2, concert visuals for MIA, and the Adventure Time episode "A Glitch is a Glitch."

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Yes self referential piss bags are the future!!!

I'd say art-styles will go back to having their own unique thing. Right now hyper realism is a buzz word to trick COD man children into accepting the fact they are buying the same game 5 times over and not realizing they basically did nothing with the engine or look of the game.

After a while though this fad will die out and when we hit that big graphics plateau that we are getting ever closer to it won't be realism that cells, but uniqueness. Basically if a game designer manages to create a world that is reminiscent of a Salvador Dali fever dream they'll be far more interesting than boring old reality.

"Game artstyles will be more varied in the future" is kind of a no brainer. The main reason everyone has been making a big deal about realistic graphics in games for the last 15 or 20 years is that realism has been very hard to do. Sure realism serves some stories better than more artistically interesting styles, but the main draw has always been the "wow golly gee whizz" factor.

If we ever reach a stage where photo-realism is easy and less expensive to do than it is currently, it will quickly become boring. Sports and war games will probably stick to realistic styles but I'd be surprised if other genres don't do a lot more experimenting. I mean, to the degree that the corporate overlords will allow artistic experimentation that is.

'The stuff I made will be the future'.
Wow, much ego, such self delusions.

I hope it goes that way myself.

TimeSplitters 3 STILL looks better than any of the modern CoD games, and it's HOW old?

Okami STILL looks amazing, and again, it's HOW old?

'Realism' is nice and all, I guess, but the games tend to age really fast and look like crap faster than stylized games like Okami or Katamari or even ZOE.

I don't care either way; as long as somebody makes that game Theodore is playing in that scene, I'll be happy.

It makes sense that in a world of endless possible visual aesthetics that some people would choose something other than photorealism, that's already pretty evident in games already. However I hope to god we won't control our games so goddamn awkwardly.

Sometimes it seems like I'm the only friggin person in the world who even likes realistic graphics.

OT: Yatta yatta yatta art and what not. The real reason I wanted to post was that this Movie was awesome. Sooooo yeah....

Srs OT: I think realistic graphics have their place, but the cartoony look is always pretty to me.

I dislike the notion that an artist can be judged for his opinions over his work. A similar argument has been seen to be made by fans of musicians who spend half their lives in hospitals and prison, so I think some obvious opinions said in an interview shouldn't be enough for y'all to judge O'Reilly as a pretentious prick.

Instead, judge him as a pretentious prick after watching his short films:-

The video was removed by Warner Brothers for Copyright in my case.


I'm afraid you have some shouting at Youtube to do. The visual aid has gone south.


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