Archie Fights Zombies in Riverdale's Latest Trade Paperback

Archie Fights Zombies in Riverdale's Latest Trade Paperback

Afterlife With Archie Cover

Afterlife With Archie is the Archie Comics take on the zombie apocalypse, complete with Jughead, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and the whole Archie gang.

Archie Comics has been publishing stories about Archie Andrews and Riverdale since 1941, and during that time the universe has remained fairly consistent. Sure, the publisher offered its take on same-sex marriage and tried rocking the boat with Archie's wedding storyline, but by and large, Archie's books are about a wholesome individual living an ordinary life in the town of Riverdale. Unless you've been reading Afterlife With Archie, that is, a new ongoing series that drops Riverdale into a straight-up zombie apocalypse. If that concept sounds appealing in any way, you'll be excited to learn that the Escape From Riverdale trade paperback hits bookstores on April 23rd, collecting issues 1-5 of Archie's zombie-fighting adventures.

How exactly could zombies overrun Riverdale? It all begins when Jughead's pet Hot Dog is killed in a hit-and-run. Unable to handle the grief, Jughead takes his faithful pet to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, who uses the Necronomicon to restore his lifeforce. Unfortunately, the spell doesn't stop with Hot Dog; eventually the dead are wandering Riverdale's streets, forcing Archie and his friends to flee unstoppable hordes before they find themselves on a zombie's menu.

Purist Archie fans might be disturbed by this alternate take on the universe, but personally, I'm itching to check it out. I've loved previous books that mixed up Archie's formula, including the Archie Meets The Punisher crossover, a surprisingly faithful adaptation for both characters. The fact that this is an ongoing series reaching beyond Riverdale into magical realms intrigues me all the more. Whether you enjoy darker takes on Archie, or just like following zombie comics, this could be an interesting series to follow in the coming months.

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Zombies: Now so blandly uninteresting that even Archie comics include them.

Even zombie Jughead wouldn't open his eye like that.

Also, Archie is wholesome? He's been stringing Betty along for like seventy years! Give the girl some action, you jerk!

It's actually a seriously fun horror book. The art is moody and dark, the situations are scary, and the characters all feel solid. They behave like the same characters you're used to, just in a new and terrifying situation, and it's great to see Archie with the gloves off, as it were. I picked up the first issue on a whim, but the series is on my pull list now, and if it keeps up this high level of quality it'll probably stay there for a long time. Archie has some great creators under their belt, and it's nice to see them trying new stuff (like superhero The Fox) and diversifying their catalog in addition to their still-running Sonic and Mega Man comics.

The cover reminds me of the early Goon stories. That is an excellent thing.


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