Duke Nukem: Megaton Edition Finally Gets Hot Duke-On-Duke Action

Duke Nukem: Megaton Edition Finally Gets Hot Duke-On-Duke Action

Duke gets eight-player deathmatch and co-op across 200+ maps.

Multiplayer has come a long way in first-person shooters. Today, it's the primary focus, as developers obsessively measure and tweak every stat and kill. Back in the day, they just let a handful of player run around the single-player maps, almost as an afterthought. It didn't matter if the balance was off or the levels were unfair, that was all part of the fun. Now Devolver Digital is turning back the clock to a simpler time, a time before Duke Nukem Forever, and finally adding eight-player online multiplayer to Duke Nukem: Megaton Edition.

You and seven other people can duke it out through any of the single-player missions, or in any of the 200+ community maps. In multiplayer, everyone looks like The King , proving that the only one badass enough to defeat Duke is himself. The update also includes three new achievements, all based around the number of kills you get online. The entire game and all the authorized expansions are also fully co-op enabled for up to eight players, which is just insane enough to sound completely awesome.

The update comes a year after Megaton's initial release, which is odd considering that community-made source ports have had modern multiplayer for a long time now. However, the cross-platform play along with the Steam Workshop integration makes a pretty nice package.

As usual, the update is free to current owners. While it normally retails for $9.99, it's currently on sale on Steam for just $3.99, so now's the time to give it a shot if you've been holding off.

Source: Devolver Digital


Cool as it seemed like they had forgotten to update it

That headline does not give me pretty images. Though, Bruce Campbell might be able to take on Duke since he was the original King. I should check if there's a mod for that.


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