Hotline Miami 2's Launch on PC, PS4 and Vita "Not Yet Certain"

Hotline Miami 2's Launch on PC, PS4 and Vita "Not Yet Certain"

Dennaton Games has confirmed that Hotline Miami 2 will be releasing sometime in Q3 2014.

Hotline Miami was easily one of the best PC surprises of 2012, delivering a top-down retro flavored experience that was almost as challenging and addictive as it was bloody and brutal. That being the case, there was some understandable excitement when its developers at Dennaton Games announced that they were working on a sequel: Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

Unfortunately, while its initial announcement was accompanied by some screens and a trailer, gamers were given no release window to set their sights for. Now however, Dennaton has revealed that fans can expect the new game to release sometime in Q3 2014. While this likely isn't as specific as many would prefer, it still narrows the field down quite a bit. Moreover, according to the game's publishers at Devolver Digital, the current hope is to release the game's PC, PS4 and Vita versions simultaneously. That being said, the company made a point of telling us that "that's not yet certain."

I, for one, am sincerely hoping a simultaneous release winds up being the case. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that I would thoroughly enjoy Hotline Miami 2 on PC, much as I did the first game. That said, between all the available versions of the original, the Vita edition is the one that I had the most fun with and I'll probably be holding off on buying the sequel until I replicate that experience.


Played the original on the vita myself, I'll definitely be playing this one on vita too, whenever that is possible...

I just hope he doesn't cock it up like the dude behind Retro City Rampage. That release was so fractured due to his want for a simultaneous release across all consoles I think it honestly hurt that game's sales overall.

I got kind of disappointed with Hotline Miami in the end.

*Spoilers from original, here on*

It all seemed really simple to start off with and that was ok, not a problem at all. But then, as the game went on, a really strange story started to develop in conjunction with the gameplay. I was very intrigued and was hoping it would materialise into something great later on.

However, in the end I felt rather let down. It kind of seemed to be asking the perfect questions for a story - like why does the main character just murder leagues of people because someone tells him to and 'is he actually just insane'. I normally like playing the good guy but I managed to get into playing the role of a guy who just seemed to kill people for no good reason and found myself killing anyone possible.

I was relying on the story as I found the combat increasingly frustrating as the game went on tbh. Especially the boss fight with the tigers (might have been a different animal), frantic woman and sitting woman with guns. But in the end it all seemed really simple and the degrading world around you never seemed to be explained and I was really hoping it would turn out to be some shattered-psyche/destroyed/warped mind of the main guy, so I was left kind of detached from it.

I know it is possible to have a different ending to the one I had, if I had completed the game 100% or picked up some kind of achievements, but I hate when games bar the true ending from the player on some (at least seemingly to me) arbitrary basis - because then you are just left with gamers like me, who were unimpressed.

*end of spoilers*

Conclusion, I don't think I will be buying the sequel.


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