Google Glass Mini Games Demo Shows Possibilities For Gaming

Google Glass Mini Games Demo Shows Possibilities For Gaming

Google imagines games using Glass being simplistic and easy to pick up on the go.

Google recently posted a video of five demo mini games using Google Glass technology to encourage developers to make games for Glass. Each game demonstrates a specific use of Google Glass technology.

Google Glass is an iteration of wearable technology with an optical head-mounted display with the hope of creating a ubiquitous computer for the mass market. Google Glass users can send messages and call others like a smartphone, and it has a camera, touchpad, and can map head movements. All five games use Glass sensors to interact with virtual objects. In Tennis, the player uses the gyroscope and accelerometer for head tilts to send a tennis ball back. Balance also uses the accelerometer for the player to balance shapes from falling. For anyone who doesn't feel embarrassed by talking out loud to Glass in public, [I]Clay Shooter[/i] uses voice recognition to shoot clay pigeons. Match also uses head movements to pair objects. Players move their hands in front of the Google Glass camera to slice objects in Shape Splitter.

The presentation of each game is very short, and each game is simple. Google intended all five games to be "visually simple and straightforward to play." Its vision is to make games that are for people with a few free minutes to jump into a game shortly. Google Glass users can jump into games by using voice actions. Google hopes to "minimize the time it takes to go from intent to action" with voice recognition.

With the Oculus Rift and Google Glass, new technology has the potential to deliver new experiences in gaming. How Google or other developers will use this technology is anyone's guess right now, but for now it looks like Google Glass games will be designed as quick distractions.

Source: Google via The Verge


i could see it being used as a UI in a game as an option actually, things like health and mana bars, etc

anyone else picturing seeing someone playing these games? a stranger in the park waving his hands like an idiot infront of his face yelling bang alot?

hell i love cyberpunk and its weird living in what is essentially a cyberpunk world right now but this thing creeps me out

I gotta agree with wombat_of_war on this one, I see the Google Glass more as a complementary gaming gadget than an actual gaming platform, remember the Konami Laser Scope?, I wouldn't play something that requires me to yell "fire!, fire!" all the time (or "fuck fire!" if you're the AVGN).

Heck, I'd gladly exchange the second screen of the WiiU controller to use this and I can bet this would work much better than Kinect itself.

Hmm, just like the handsfree sets for your phone.
It will take a while before you can use this without people thinking your an escaped mental patient.

Clearly, nobody from Google has ever seen Dennou Coil, or they would be avoiding this idea.

On the one hand, you definitely don't want to play these games in public places. On the other hand, I definitely can see an entire part of the population playing these games anywhere in the near future and it won't be considered strange. I remember how seeing people with Bluetooth headsets back in the days was strange and the first thing to come to your mind was "Is that guy talking to himself right in the middle of the street?" and only then would you notice the headset, but now it's absolutely normal. Maybe playing small simple games on Google Glass will become as normal in the future as not taking your eyes off your smartphone no matter where you are or what you're doing is now.

Finally, a platform in which I could easily get people to look directly at the sun of their own volition!


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