The Legend of Conan Will Be Schwarzenneger's "Unforgiven"

The Legend of Conan Will Be Schwarzenneger's "Unforgiven"

Conan the Barbarian Throne

Producer Chris Morgan wants Schwarzenneger to "play his age" in The Legend of Conan.

While Terminator 2 is, bar none, probably my favorite action film, if I had to pick a single Arnold Schwarzenneger movie to name as the actor's best, it would have to be John Milius's Conan the Barbarian. Some would probably laugh at this and I wouldn't necessarily blame them. It's definitely a movie with some silly moments. That said, at its core I'd say still one of the most beautifully shot, fantastically scored and epically satisfying fantasy films ever made.

Suffice it to say, in turn, that I was more than excited to hear back in 2012 that Schwarzenneger would returning to the role The Legend of Conan. That in mind, if producer Chris Morgan (The Fast and the Furious) is to be believed, my anticipation hasn't been misplaced. "It's going to be our Unforgiven," he said. "It's going to be great, like genuinely great." The comparison isn't just about quality, however. The Legend of Conan, much like the 1992 Clint Eastwood film, will chronicle the character of Conan in his latter days as events coerce him to take up the sword one last time. "I want [Arnold] to play his age," said Morgan. "I want [Conan] to be looking at the later years of his life and have to contemplate this horrific threat."

That being the case, The Legend of Conan will flat-out ignore the existence of Conan the Destroyer as well as the failed 2011 Jason Mamoa reboot. The hope, according to Morgan, is "to jump ahead and build on [the] foundation" built by the first, arguably strongest, Conan film. "I think it's going to be something really special and iconic and different than people expect," said Morgan. Whether or not the film will be good however, is arguably less pressing than the issue of exactly when it will hit theaters. A summer 2014 release was originally planned, but with the script still being finished up by writer Andrea Berloff and still no director confirmed for the project, it's pretty clear that the film won't be meeting that deadline.

Source: IGN


While Terminator 2 is, bar none, probably my favorite action film...

I like you.

OT: I think they are making the right decisions for this project thus far. Destroyer was by far and away an inferior film when compared to its predecessor and I am glad they are overriding it. I'm hopeful Arnold still has one last, great performance in him!

We hadn't heard any news about this for a while. I was kind of hoping it was going to be forgotten about and we'd never have to see it.

And this is what they've said from the beginning, so it's not exactly new news, per se. It's more reiteration and a reminder that the project is still going ahead.

This has promise, to me. I'm a major Conan fan, and if they're adapting much from Robert E. Howard's books, it should be good. After all, young Conan was boring Conan. He was just a killer, a couple hundred pounds of muscle and a reason to be displeased.

Older, wiser Conan was a much more intriguing character, with depth, a former barbarian who was holding a kingdom together of people who scheme against and try to dispute his right to rule. He does it all not through sheer muscle but through an honest acceptance of the responsibilities of a ruler, pride in what he was doing and an iron resolve. And 'then' cutting people to pieces. Much better formula!

The Scarlet Citadel, especially, would make an excellent basis for a Conan story. Weave it together with some elements of The Pheonix on the Sword and you'll have one hell of a story.

Incredibly doubtful that that will happen, but hopefully whatever they come up with will be worthwhile. With all the references to Unforgiven, I'm hopeful that it at least won't be mostly "Hey look, even though he's older, Muscle-For-Brains can still slaughter legions on his own! Isn't that great" and forgo character development and non-violent approaches to some scenarios.'s gonna be sort of like the last adventure of Beowulf?

It appears that Conan gets atleast 4 mechanized legs attached judging from the picture.

I hope this means that it will be as ambitious as the first Conan movie.

it will flop unless there are lots of horse punching scenes


It appears that Conan gets atleast 4 mechanized legs attached judging from the picture.

I personally am insupport of cyborg arqchno-Conan.

OT: Major Conan fan. Both books and film, don''t bother with tv series. The first Conan film is one of my favourite films ever but I'm glad they're ignoring The Destroyer. I actually didn't mind the Momoa film, it wasn't perfect but it was watchable. Personally I would like to see a film based more on the books. , perhaps Hour of th Dragon.

I will agree with the T2 sentiment of the OP, but I'll raise you Last Action Hero as Arnie's best only because his own self-referential sense of humor in that was absolutely awesome. I think Arnold's a comic genius but gets a bad rep because of his size and accent. That being said, I think he can truly pull this off and am glad to see he's going to play it this way.


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