Rumor: Halo 2 Anniversary, Crackdown 3 & Future Xbox One Content Leaked

Rumor: Halo 2 Anniversary, Crackdown 3 & Future Xbox One Content Leaked


Insider allegedly leaks Microsoft's future plans for Xbox One content and claims Halo 2 Anniversary Edition is set for release this year and includes access to the Halo 5 beta.

Part of the leak that revealed the different versions of the Xbox One set for release later this year, NeoGAF user "ntkrnl" also unloaded bombshells concerning Microsoft's key franchises, as well as other content plans for the Xbox One. According to the poster, Halo 2 Anniversary Edition is being developed by the same studio who assisted 343 Industries -- Saber Interactive and Certain Affinity -- for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition for release on November 11 later this year, which will also include access to a Halo 5 beta and a Halo "series" much like "Forward Unto Dawn." This upcoming Halo show won't be the same one rumored to be in production with District 9 director Neil Blomkamp. Furthermore, the Halo 2 re-imagining will have an alternate ending, which the poster can't verify if it's true or not, and there's said to be two versions of the shooter with the "Collector's Edition" housing the beta access and show, while the "War Edition" will come packaged with ports of Halo 3 and Halo 4 ports for the Xbox One, as well as the contents in the Collector's Edition.

Halo 2 Anniversary will purportedly be at 1080p resolution but "iffy" on 60fps. Unfortunately, this re-release will push Halo 5 to a 2015 release.

Details regarding Insomniac's Xbox One-exclusive Sunset Overdrive has also been unearthed with the game set in a "weird future" like 2020 and everyone drinks "Overcharge XT" which turns people into "giganto monsters" or they die. Plot for the title is said to center around a big corporation who takes control of the city that tries to wipe away the drink due to fouling it up. Supposedly, Microsoft has high hopes for the game, as there will be "managed content" that will be developed for an entire year alongside the game's open world and is due fall of this year.

As for other upcoming games in Microsoft's stable, the leaked info states: Quantum Break is set for release this coming holiday,Fable Legends in summer 2015, no further news on Crackdown 3 since it's not due until 2016, first Titanfall DLC is set to hit 45 days from the shooter's release date, with another one hitting 120 days after its retail debut, Forza Horizon 2 is due in fall 2014 with a new weather system, running at 1080p and will be open world with social integration, and Platinum Games is allegedly working on "Project Nagano" for a March 2016 release.

Lastly, don't expect a new Gears of War title from Black Tusk soon, as the poster claims it "probably needs" 2.5 years of development time. Speaking of the newly-appointed Gears of War studio, its cancelled project was allegedly called "Shangheist" and may or may not involve players stealing stuff from Chinese people.

Keep in mind nothing in this leaked info has been verified by Microsoft and when pressed for a comment, the company gave us the canned "we don't comment on rumors or speculations" spiel.

That's certainly a lot to take in. Based on the info, what game are you excited for the most? And are you fine with Microsoft digging into its Halo franchise that much -- assuming what's posted is true, of course.

Source: NeoGAF


Woah, I saw a lot of these, but I didn't see the Platinum Games news before I went to bed! :O

I was going to say that I was super excited for Crackdown 3, but anything by Platinum jumps to the top of my list, so whatever this "Project Nagano" is. As for the other newly announced games, I'd definitely look forward to Halo 2 Anniversary (provided they don't touch the mechanics, only the graphics, in multi-player) and Forza Horizon 2 too.

As for the games that had been announced but now have new info, Quantum Break is much earlier than I expected considering Alan Wake, and I like the sound of Sunset Overdrive :D

Wait, they are going to exclude Halo 3 & 4 ports to the "war edition"? That's a little disappointing. I would love a resurgence of Halo 3 multiplayer. If they released it as a stand-alone game so that everybody could play it without having to fork out tons of cash, I would probably actually consider getting a Xbox One.

Also, Platinum news makes me fall all warm and fuzzy inside.

Andy Shandy:
Woah, I saw a lot of these, but I didn't see the Platinum Games news before I went to bed! :O

I was going to say that I was super excited for Crackdown 3, but anything by Platinum jumps to the top of my list, so whatever this "Project Nagano" is.

Tell me about it. Crackdown 3, a new game by Platinum and Halo 2 Anniversary?


Not only that, but Sunset Overdrive sounds pretty cool as well (as long as Insomniac doesn't pull a Fuse).

So the Halo CE anniversary is still a 360 title whilst the Halo 2 anniversary will be a Xbone title, /sigh so the series will still be fragmented across more than one console. With the Halo trilogy set with touched up visuals and the three main games and ODST despite it being the weakest of the Halo FPS titles because its part of the story and events in Halo 2 (the first battle of New Mombasa) on the Xbox One I would actually get the Xbone.

I would like to see Halo: Reach and eventually Halo 4 on the console too but the original trilogy with ODST as a side story is one of the few things that would make me get an Xbox One, those shooters where some of favourite games ever back when I was a console gamer and getting all that nostalgia on one machine would be great. With no backwards compatibility having to have two Xboxes to have Halo CE, Halo two, three and four and Reach on a last gen machine with the rest of the Reclaimer saga on the current gen console just makes me want to give up.

Why cant they just consolidate them on one console?

If they do release a H2: Anniversary, it would be awesome for them to place in a couple of the cut levels in, maybe fix that cliffhanger too. Ah but such a thing will only appear in my dreams.

Talking about dreams, maybee they'll finally port more than Halo 1 and 2 to the PC... yup.... dreams....

Really hope that the Halo 2 anniversary will have some of the content that was suppose to be in the original.

Only thing of interest is Crackdown 3, i really hope they do something great with it akin to C1 instead of that piece of shit that was C2.

Any Crackdown news gets me excited. I love the games, but I would also like to see 3 play more in vein like the first one. I miss having different looking characters that changed as they leveled up, and having vehicles that changed as you leveled up. As far as Halo goes, porting over and updating 2 is just fine, just please make the achievements better. Alot of the cheevos in Halo Anniversary were garbage, as was the punishing lack of more checkpoints. It really took alot of fun out of anniversary, honestly. I also feel that its better for it to be this, instead of Halo 5. Bringing out Halo 5 this year would be so rushed that I feel it would fail coming out of the starting gate, and just like the new Gears, they just need to take their time. Overall, though, it sounds like a pretty strong list of stuff coming to the One, and I am glad to hear it. Now just bring me Diablo 3, the ability to port over my characters and their loot, and Reaper of Souls, please!

I've been wanting Halo 2 Anniversary ever since the original remake was announced. As much as I love the game, it really needs a remake badly considering the visuals haven't aged well along with all the glitches from being rushed in development.

This is nice. I do like the Halo series. I would like it even more if I could actually play the first three games without having to wade through a tangle of cords and wires to unplug one thing and plug in another. I was really hoping that Halo 2 remake would also come to the 360. I'll still hold out hope, but it has been dimmed a bit with this news.

I've been hoping for a Halo 2 Anniversary title :D

does make me wonder how the multiplayer will work this time around since there isn't a Halo game on the Xbox One yet

Halo 2 was and still is my favorite game in the series, and I would love to see a remake. HOWEVER, if they are doing a remake, I'd appreciate it if they went the whole nine yards with it, unlike the Halo CE Anniversary game. That one's only appeal was revamped visuals. I'd really like to see some of the gameplay enhancements from the later Halo installments retroactively introduced to Halo 2, to shake things up. I'd really hoped that the CE Anniversary would put enemies like the Drones into certain areas. Could you imagine fighting a swarm of those guys in the Assault on the Control Room level? Huge, open areas, and then those cramped connecting tunnels.


We don't know that much about Halo: Xbox One to be quite honest but we do know some things FOR SURE. And one of those things that they kept hammering on about was a late 2014 release date. Furthermore, people have asked 343 for a Halo 2 Anniversary but 343 sounded incredibly iffy about it, saying that it wouldn't make much sense being that Halo: CEA was representing a straight 10 year anniversary and not just for Halo: CE, it was also basically celebrating Halo pulling the original Xbox out of the pit. Halo 2 has no such claim to fame.

Even further, I don't think that it would be a good idea after the controversial release of Halo 4 to bring back Halo 2. The last thing we need is more people blinded by nostalgia. We need to keep moving forward and we can't do that if we keep releasing an anniversary edition of every Halo game that's come out.

Forza Horizon 2, god yes! If they added the inclement weather effects they thought of adding last time but couldn't that would make my day.


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