New Spock Joins Cast of the New Hitman Movie

New Spock Joins Cast of the New Hitman Movie

Zachary Quinto will be taking part in the sequel to 2007's Hitman.

It wasn't too long ago that we reported that Homeland actor Rupert Friend would taking on the lead role in a planned sequel to 2007's film adaptation of Hitman. Friend took the role after the passing of actor Paul Walker, who had previously been pegged for the part. Now, another actor has been confirmed for a role in the film, thankfully under less tragic circumstances.

According to recent reports, it would appear that actor Zachary Quinto will be joining the cast to play an, as of the moment, unnamed role in the film. Quinto, of course, is best known as Spock in the new Star Trek films. He's also well known for his portrayal of Sylar in the TV series Heroes and other rolls in shows like American Horror Story, among others.

Personally, while I still can't say I'll be lining up to see the new Hitman film, Quinto's participation does leave me at least a little intrigued. He is probably the best part of the new Star Trek films and his TV work has frequently demonstrated that he has what's needed to play a great villain. And if there was one thing the first Hitman could have used, it would have been a more interesting antagonist. Of course, we don't know just yet what Quinto will be doing in the Hitman sequel, but I'd love to see him pitted against Friend's Agent 47.

Source: Deadline


Personally, I kinda liked the last Hitman Movie, especially the scene when Agent 47 faces off against other bald head assassins.
4 way stand off: they drop their guns and reveal that they have freaking swords hidden in their suits before fighting to the death.

That scene made any attempts to do Suit Only runs in Absolution so much more badass :P

Hitman needs more Vinnie Jones.

seriously, why didn't they use Vinnie Jones in the first movie, the character looks just like him?
For that matter, what made Fox consider (for a while) casting Jamie Fox as Lynch in the Kane & Lynch movie? Lynch's appearance as a trailer-park hobo is the only mainstay in the series!

Maybe if they made an attempt to actually emulate Hitman in anyway, then I would be excited.

The only thing we got was Oliphant with a bald head and bar code on the back of his head. Otherwise it could've been any action film.

He had a sword for god's sake. A SWORD.

Get him to play a villain! He was pretty much the only decent young actor on Heroes, he makes a great bad guy.

Also, someone wanted Paul Walker to play Hitman? That would have been awful. Obviously it's sad he's dead and all, but he was not a good actor and I can't imagine him in the role at all.

Sylar is spock that is about to be Hitman? i am confused. very confused.


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