Psycho-Pass Character Designer Talks Concept Illustrations

Psycho-Pass Character Designer Talks Concept Illustrations

Following the teasing of some prototype figures for Wonder Festival 2014, character designer Kyoji Asano speaks on the difficulties of illustrating the Pyscho-Pass characters.

Psycho-Pass character designer Kyoji Asano has the job of taking the original character designs of Akira Amano to adapt them for not only animation but also for 3D works, such as figures. The figures are set to be revealed this weekend at Japan's Winter Wonder Festival 2014.

Asano's job as character designer involved work in taking Amano's designs and cleaning them up for animation, specifically cleaning up layered lines into a single line. Asano also helped create active poses for the characters, something he said does not come freely to him. To help in this, he collects reference images from photos and movies he thinks suits a particular character. Out of the characters Shinya Kogami, Akane Tsunemori, and Shogo Makishima, Asano said Kogami was the easiest to draw; this was partly due to Kogami's angry nature, but Asano also frequently draws Kogami. He holds his gun strongly in one hand with a strong, feet shoulder-length apart stance. In comparison, Asano illustrated Akane holding her gun with two hands due to its weight, and she holds it low while running.

But of the three, Asano points to Makishima as the most difficult to illustrate. Makishima is complex, and his facial expression often doesn't match how he precisely feels. In particular, his face is hard to articulate, Asano said. He called Makishima scary, but he often smiles and laughs.

Asano hopes Psycho-Pass fans enjoy the to-be-revealed figures. He never expected to see his "flat illustrations" become three-dimensional.

Psycho-Pass first aired as a 22-episode anime series about inspectors and enforcers using a system that measures people's mental states for tracking down criminals. A second season is currently under production.

Source: Union Creative (Japanese) via CrunchyRoll


Highly recommend this anime. It was very well written and animated.

I'm not sure about a second season, though. I know they left it open for one, but I felt it stood very well as a one-off. I know that's not what makes money these days though. I'll still watch the second season.

As much as I loved the anime, it was for every reason but the design of the people in it.

Hope the second season is same setting with new characters. That story arch was finished.

As long as the mighty gurobuchi wrote season 2 it'll be great.

I really liked it and found the setting and characters to interesting.

Though I as the poster above have wrote, Does Psycho Pass really need a second season?

It did end quite open ended but it was solid.

I'm looking forward to the second season of Psycho Pass. It already has all the world building done and everyone understands the pros and cons of the Psycho Pass society. This means learning about the main characters, what makes them tick can be delved into more.

Oh my god, PsychoPass was so great!

I wonder what a second season would be about.
The first felt quite fulfilling to me.

As long as the mighty gurobuchi wrote season 2 it'll be great.


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