Major Character Returning In The Walking Dead Premiere

Major Character Returning In The Walking Dead Premiere

The Walking Dead Rick

You won't believe who's coming back from the land of the dead in The Walking Dead's mid-season premiere.

A major character will return to AMC's highly-acclaimed The Walking Dead when it returns for its mid-season premiere this week. Given that the character supposedly dies, the reveal is a bit of a shocker. This tidbit was revealed during a TV Guide Q&A session, with the info tucked below. Now, before reading on, the revelation will be a spoiler to most, so proceed at your own risk.

Don't expect to see too many familiar faces since Rick and Carl take center stage when the AMC drama returns. While Rick heals from his beating from The Governor - whom you will see again - Carl will lose something very important to him. (No, not his innocence!)

Yep, The Governor -- played by David Morrissey -- is said to be coming back! Given his predicament the last time we see him, it's unclear whether he's coming back as a walker or possibly in a flashback scene or hallucination. Given executive producer Gale Anne Hurd retweeted this piece by the Examiner, chances are Rick is imagining things once more.

Make sure to watch The Walking Dead's mid-season premier trailer for a sneak peek at what's set to happen once the show's back on air this February 9 on AMC.

Source: TV Guide, Uproxx, io9


I'm guessing Carl loses his hat.

So in the absence of a real antagonist and with Lori out of the picture, Rick needs a new imaginary chum? Goodie.

Who am I kidding, I'll be all over this regardless; if only to bide time until GoT resumes.

I'm guessing Carl loses his hat.

Say it ain't so! Imma quit watching this show if that happens.

Is this thing still so popular? I mean I kind of liked the first season and there was indubitably some top notch craftsmanship involved but the series turned to worse so fast it's really hard for me to understand why people keep watching.

Hmmm... That's good. David Morrissey is far and away the best actor in the show so it's always good to see more of him. That said, I'm thinking of giving up with the entire show, no one in it acts like reasonable people. For example, all of The Governor's friends- who for the most part seemed liked nice enough people- didn't just agree with Rick instead of backing the Governor up with his clearly evil plan.

Guess they need to stall, since there were no short-term plans to introduce Negan to the television series. I don't mind. the TV adaption version of the governor is a pretty interesting character. Still not sure how he's gonna stick around, though.

The bullet merely grazed his good eye and now he will have Double Eyepatch!!

I have to admit that I couldn't understand why the governor group went ahead with his plan after he cut of Hershels head. I would've expected something along the line that a part of the group would've tried to support Rick while the others (like the idiot in the tank) fight against them.

All in all even though the finale was kind of good it didn't make any sense. Why didn't Rick try to tell them what happened at Woodbury? Why did no one question the governor after Rick offered to take them all in? "They're all murderers" is barely enough reason to start a war.

And to be honest....if the governor survived the last episode the show becomes even more unreal than it already is...(in a way that I can't take it seriously anymore)

Really? Taking another step towards soap opera with zombies instead of drunks?

I'll grant that the first time the governor came back it was good, ignoring as others have said the blind stupidity of his new group. A second time though? The whole thing screams that the idea bucket is empty.

Wooo, more crazy Rick, -just- what I wanted.
*Rolls eyes so hard they just about pop out*

This doesn't bode well for the show, no matter how he comes back. The hallucination episodes were dumb and there's no reason for the Gov. to legitimately still be alive or even be a zombie. I'm stoked the show is back on Sunday, but a bit less stoked after this tidbit.

You know, I'm okay with the fact that every week somebody else is holding onto the stupid stick, but you can't stab a guy through the middle of his chest with a katana and have him survive, and if they do that I'll probably just throw my hands up and go "Done!" and wash my hands of the whole thing. It'd be a shame too, since Season 4 is the best the show has been since Season 1. If its a hallucination, well well thats just fantastic and what everybody wanted. I do think that it could actually be done to some good effect though, if The Governor is played out as the devil on his shoulder.

As for Carl "losing something close to him"...

Ugh this is dumb. It'll bide the time until Game of Thrones but this is still really dumb.

I tried to watch this, just because I'm such an ardent fan of the comic series, but it really blows. I don't get how this intellectual mush is still playing out on television.


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