Pokemon and Game of Thrones Combine in Game of Throkemon

Pokemon and Game of Thrones Combine in Game of Throkemon

Nacho Punch's Game of Throkemon drops Ash into the Night's Watch with bloody results.

As far as fictional universes go, it'd be hard to find two more different from each other than the worlds of Game of Thrones and Pokemon. Game of Thrones, after all, centers on a bloody conflict between political factions vying for control in a world fraught with betrayal, sex and violence. Pokemon, comparatively, is a family friendly adventure filled with adorable creatures, bloodless battles and themes of friendship. That in mind, a crossover between the two might rightfully not jump out as the most natural fit. Nonetheless, thanks to the guys and gals at Nacho Punch, a crossover exists.

The group, which also produced the excellent Star Wars anime short last month, recently released the video Game of Throkemon which, true to its title, combines the two franchises with hilarious results. The video begins with Pokemon protagonist Ash Ketchum joining the ranks of the Nights Watch. Hearing about the White Walkers, Mr. Ketchum promptly sets off into the lands beyond the wall with his Charizard in to catch himself a specimen of this new "ice-type." As you might expect, the only one who really comes out of it well is Charizard because hey, he's a dragon.

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Eh, can't say I was a fan of this one, the jokes just seemed to fall flat. Shame as I like Star Wars anime short a lot.

Well, at least it wasn't another depressing "let's make pokemon dark and realistic and that it the joke. That it is dark and realistic" video.

Can't say I really laughed, more like a faint smile...

I was under the impression that it was a fusion sort of parody due to combining the words together (like e.g. the houses would reperesent a Pokemon or item or Daenerys own three legendary Dragon Pokemon) but no it was a unfunny crossover parody.

Pokenerd: Duh..... Well technically Charizard is a Fire/Flying type and not a dragon so..... :)

You know, I wish more crossover parodies involving Pokemon would do more than put Ash into situations where he thinks everything inhuman in the world in question is a Pokemon and is obviously proven wrong.

Only bit I found funny was when Charizard was with the Queen/Mother (I don't watch GOT) of Dragons. Only because of that she is the X of Dragons.


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