Terry Cavanagh Makes Bass-Soaked Flappy Bird Tribute

Terry Cavanagh Makes Bass-Soaked Flappy Bird Tribute

The guy behind Super Hexagon and VVVVVV thanks Dong Nguyen for the inspiration.

Indie game designer Terry Cavanagh certainly has a unique flavor. He's known for making ridiculously difficult games that are still somehow impossible to put down, like Super Hexagon and VVVVVV. With games like that in his blood, it only makes sense that Cavanagh would celebrate the brief life of Flappy Bird with his own tribute called Maverick Bird: A Flappy Bird Fan Game.

The flash game is pretty similar to Flappy Bird, but painted in layered pixel art and saturated in thumping base (and that shade of pink is TOTALLY ripped from that one NES game, I'm sure). The gameplay's a bit tweaked, as you also have a "dive" button to quickly jump through an opening. Don't think that makes things any easier, though, as this is still classic Cavanagh. One corner of the screen tracks your current score, while the other reminds you of your best run, taunting your failures like a disapproving father. "Thanks for the inspiration, Dong," he writes. "Looking forward to your next game when things settle down!"

Flappy Bird has certainly had an interesting ride so far. Its creator, Dong Nguyen, yanked it at the height of its viral popularity. He claims it's because the game was simply too addictive, but it seems that he was more uncomfortable with the sudden fame than anything. While the first fad of 2014 has now vanished into the electronic aether, Nguyen still maintains that he'll return at some point.

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Yay, I won bronze! What's my prize, do I get any free acid sent to me in the mail?

Abstract forms, ear-searing music and frustrating difficulty. It's Terry Cavanagh alright.

The best I've gotten so far is 20.

I'm really dumb and at first thought that he had soaked his game in a fish.

But, yeah, that's really cool for the Flappy Bird guy to get some recognition from Cavanaugh. Super Hexagon is probably my favorite mobile game.

I'm really dumb and at first thought that he had soaked his game in a fish.

Since this is Cavanagh here, that's a completely rational thing to expect.

8! Yeah, thats hard.

Saved and loaded into my Android.

Thanks, OP!

Wow, this is the first clone I've seen to really just tip it's hat to the developer and to improve on the formula in every way. Terry Cavanagh simply tipping his hat has more talent, originality and honesty than the entire mobile gaming industry put together.

I played to 29 and now my vision is waving back and forth

That was pretty damn fun. Loved the soundtrack, too. Only managed to get to 8, tho. And even that took a while. Still, that's some damn nice music.

Gah, this game makes my brain vibrate.

Got to 9 before I entered a state of profound anger. Better quit before I break something.

The damn shaking and non-smooth motion blur gave me a headache :( My eyes got extremely tired too...

Leave it up to Terry to make a good flappy birds game. :p


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