Sons of Anarchy Creator Confirms SOA Video Game

Sons of Anarchy Creator Confirms SOA Video Game

Sons of Anarchy's motorcycle club will be featured in an upcoming action-adventure game that even the show's creator is incredibly excited for.

It's not easy to adapt a televised drama into a video game format. That's why Telltale's The Walking Dead will always be better remembered than its AMC-inspired counter-part, and why the Sopranos and 24 games are forgotten relics of the PS2 age. Still, that's not to say it's hopeless; crime dramas like the motorcycle gang-inspired Sons of Anarchy could mesh pretty easily with an action-adventure template. Except that's no longer a pipe dream: according to series creator Kurt Sutter, an honest-to-God Sons of Anarchy adaptation is currently underway, and while he can't share details he remains incredibly excited.

"I cannot give you anymore details," Sutter wrote on Twitter, "but i will tell you that there will definitely be an SOA game. And it's pretty fucking awesome."

Immediately after saying he couldn't share details, Sutter started dropping hints to confirm that Sons of Anarchy will indeed get the video game treatment. "No, it's not a board game," he continued. "1st person, action adventure. HD graphics. It represents the evolution of gaming. I'm hard just typing this."

Sutter has been seeking a Sons of Anarchy game developer for some time, even going so far as to contact Rockstar about making it a reality. Rockstar's experience with vehicular-based crime games certainly makes them a strong candidate, but we still can't be sure it's the developer in charge. Personally, I'm interested to learn where the fits on SOA's storyline. Perhaps Ron Pearlman can play as a young Clay, starting out in the motorcycle community? Pearlman certainly has the voice acting experience to do so.

Regardless, we can expect to hear more about the Sons of Anarchy game very soon, considering that the show will enter its seventh and final season this fall.


I think a third person game would have been smarter. Part of the attitude of the characters comes from their style, which is completely forgone in the first-person style. Not to mention, while the show certainly has some gunplay elements which would benefit from the fps style, the bulk of the series involves traveling and fiat fighting and the shooting could have been just as easily done, maybe better, a la GTA V, in third person. I'll await with cautious optimism. The fps thing already has me thinking rockstar isn't on the project, but we'll see.


But yeah i agree, person above me. Third person would work better for an SoA game. That way you can actually see the character and their outfit. What's the point if i can't see the Reaper?

Lets hope it works out better than the last game about bikers... I doubt it though, licensed games are rarely good.

First person makes me worry this might end up being shovel ware like the unfortunate Walking Dead Survival Instinct. Granted the lack of details and Kurt Sutter having hope in the project may mean its got hope, but if Sutter isn't a gamer, we may get stuck with the debacle of Ellen Page signing on for Beyond: Two Souls and not realising she was in something shit until it was too late, or even those Survival Instinct ads where the guy who plays Merle was like "Yeah... a game with us in. Isn't that cool?"

I just worry since non gamers can easily be tricked by lazy developers, since the prospect of their creation being adapted into a video game sounds awesome. Though maybe that is too cynical, Sutter wanting a game adaptation for so long could mean he has some experience with games.

Well, if they needed an example of what NOT to do, all they have to do is look at Ride to Hell: Retribution. I think we can all agree on that.

I had a vision. It was about SoA video game. And it was shit. Come on. A first person game about a motorcycle gang? That's your first fuckin' mistake. And it's not a small one.

wonder if this is going to be better then the other biker game that came out not to long ago...

I've got a bad feeling about this... The fact its a first person game gives me the bad feeling, the fact that sutter seems to having input in it, makes me slightly optimistic but at the same time I'm not sure of his gaming experience and earhgahfoahflskahflshsfahl DON'T FUCK THIS UP. I LOVE THAT SHOW I think is the point I'm trying to make in a roundabout way..

and its called Ride to Hell: Retribution 2.


just let that sink into your heads.
because i am calling it, it will suck.

*reads headline*
First reaction: "Ooooo!"
3 seconds later: "But it'll probably be terrible"

I really hope that it's Rockstar taking a crack at this one (with 3rd person though). Considering how they completely aced The Lost And Damned they would be the perfect studio for it.

I'm not sure about the whole first person perspective bit, but aside from that here's hoping it'll be good :P

I totally agree this would be an awesome idea (I adore the show to pieces) But when I first reading this the only thing I thought of was Ride of Hell Retribution 1% and I just-



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