Facebook Buys WhatsApp for $16 Billion

Facebook Buys WhatsApp for $16 Billion

Facebook pursues continued social networking domination with mobile messaging acquisition.

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Facebook has announced plans to acquire WhatsApp, the multi-platform mobile messaging service, for approximately $16 billion. The purchase will be made with $4 billion in cash, along with $12 billion in Facebook stock. Facebook's release also states that an additional $3 billion in restricted stock will be given to WhatsApp founders and employees, and these shares will vest over a four-year period.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular cross-platform messaging services around, with roughly 450 million total users (over 300 million of whom use the service every day), and a total message sent/received figure "approaching the entire global telecom SMS volume." And with over one million new users joining every day, WhatsApp is on pace to hit a billion users within the next 18 months (assuming the new users per day figure doesn't climb).

If the acquisition fails to go through, WhatsApp will receive $1 billion in cash and another $1 billion in stock from Facebook.

Founded in 2009, WhatsApp was co-founded by a duo of former Yahoo! employees, Brian Acton, and Jan Koum (who serves as CEO). Within three years, WhatsApp was handling ten billion messages per day.


I deeply hope that somewhere on the WhatsApp platform there's a file explaining how it works called WhatsApp.doc.

...Thank you, I'll be here all night.

Oh for f*** sakes. Does this mean now that Facebook chat will now be WhatsApp? Meaning certain people on facebook that I choose to ignore, will contact me through WhatsApp IM more easily now? F**king great!

Buying it with Facebook stock.... that sounds like they are getting screwed over, because isn't facebook stock supposed to be going downhill?

This only really reminded me that I should uninstall Whats App, but honestly im getting sick of Facebook. I mean I use the website all the time, but the business just annoys the hell out of me. Not to mention their practices of hording information just rubs me up the wrong way

I'll bet my arse that Facebook 'converts' all Whatsapp profiles to Facebook profiles (a la Youtube and Google+), in the hope of it being the gateway drug for the market of mostly older people who don't use social media but like free messaging on smartphones.

Do not want...

Going to start to look for alternatives now if this happens. -.-

Facebook : Privacy is dead , Long live Facebook! because we all know that we like haveing our privacy invaded so we can be advertised to more directly , we like not being able to see what pages post unless said pages pay FB monney and we sure as heck LOVE! big business that look after their stock first and consumers later.

Yeah maybe the reason people are using whatsapp because its NOT google , facebook or microsoft.

Just a thought.

i would have completely rid myself of facebook a LONG time ago after all the constant bullshit they pull. But if it were not for the fact that everyone dickhead has one and refuses or is unable to NOT have a facebook. I miss MSN messenger, when i actually spoke to people had conversations not just "like" or posting shit. What was the old MSN moto "fertilizing friendships" where as facebook has turned friends into another number to add to your already stupidly massive list facebook friend whores.

Buying it with Facebook stock.... that sounds like they are getting screwed over, because isn't facebook stock supposed to be going downhill?

No? Sure it bombed in the time immediately following it's introduction, but it has been doing alright since.

Do not want...

Going to start to look for alternatives now if this happens. -.-

Doesn't kik do the same thing? I'm not really sure.

If they try to force FB into WhatsApp, I'll start using Kik, or something similar.
I can't comment anymore on YT because of G+, I hope I can still chat via WhatsApp.

cant compete - buy the competition out. works for everyone else so why not facebook!

I wonder what the Facebook data miners will uncover from all those private conversation logs whatsapp has gathered over time..

fuck that.
they are going to implement a "post this message on FACEBOOK" feature in it that can be turned off after you traveled through various options on your phone and solved ten riddles based on a scavenger hunt that is scattered around Ittoqqortoormiit in greenland.

so we end up with "do we need to buy something from the supermarket?" "yea" "what" "we need something from the supermarket" "yeah what do we need" "tampons" short discussions, clustering our front page.

and everyone can "like" you buying tampons in a supermarket.

in short, they will force facebook on it. mark my words!

also buying things with stock sucks.

Oh great.

So, how long before WhatsApp is bombarded with adverts despite me paying for the years subscription?
I have a feeling they'll increase the price of that too...

Here's hoping they leave it relatively untouched. It's a great way to talk to my international friends so I don't want to stop using it.

I have become so desensitised to large sums of money being banded around that I actually accept and have no adverse reaction to hearing that a simple instant messaging app for your phone can be sold for 16 billion dollars.

It is such a ludicrous amount of money to even try to comprehend.

I don't even know how you could go about spending 16 billion dollars. Would you have to develop some sort of addiction to buying countries whilst simultaneously developing a habit of crack-induced casino-going.

I really feel I should be amazed that an app is worth that kind of monetary figure. But I'm not. Is something going horribly wrong?


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