Dark Souls II Dev May Reconsider "No DLC" Policy

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While I was proud before that this will be a full game (god forbid we're not allowed to have those these days), I'm really excited to hear actual expansions be considered for Dark Souls 2 to increase its replay ability 10 fold.

I trust From will make something similar to the AotA content, only a thousand times better when you consider the vast improvements already made to the vanilla game, even prior to it's release.

I say this with much gusto and full trust to you FromSoftware...

As said already, if FromSoftware take the same approach to DLC that they did for Artorias of the Abyss, I have nothing to say but "I'm on board". From are one of the few developers out there who still makes games to make games, not dollar signs.

Clive Howlitzer:
Don't taunt me that it releases on PC on March 11th. I am fairly certain that version is delayed.

Yeah, 11-4 is titanfall.

(Captcha: Describe the following brands: Domninos. Me: Nom. Capcha: Hmmkay.)

Considering they are bringing up DLC when the main game has almost gone gold, I'm totally cool with this. Most likely it means they didn't hold back parts of the game for dlc purposes. Personally, I hope any DLC is content cut due to time restrictions that gets restored, much like how AotA was ideas that they had designs for but didn't get a chance to put in the base game.

I bought the PC edition which had the DLC bundled with so I don't actually know how good the dark souls DLC was. If they're capable of makig worthwhile DLC then I'd prefer they have the opportunity to do so.

Well, if the future DLC will be like Artorias of the Abyss I'm in.

This except, I'd like the DLC to be a much larger area.

In Short: AotA felt like "Welcome to the DLC, here's a boss. Here's another boss. Like that boss? Another! Oh look a key fight another boss! Alright we're done here. Hope you enjoyed it." rather than taking it's time like I felt when going through Undead Burg and Anor Londo and many other of the areas. So a larger area would be nice.

to be honest i really liked the additional content the DLC brought, the added story element was also very interesting even if manus is stupidly dangerous

Don't mind the concept. Dark Souls did DLC right, adding actual content with it. And I believe even his previous statement had some caveat inside, along the lines of "not impossible, if it makes sense". His contempt is for the useless DLC planned from the start, like the day one bullshit everyone's pulling these days.

It depends on how they treat. DLC only has a bad name because a lot of companies are only too happy to abuse it by overcharging for essentially nothing or chopping pieces off of the original game to say "LOOK! IT'S EXTRA!". From the reputation these guys have, I think it's safe to say that if they decide to add DLC, they won't abuse it.

Well I'm mistaken it seems. However I distinctly recall the download was tiny, like in the kilobyte kinda size. Mayhaps it was in one of the other updates

If you bought the game later on in the cycle, or on pc, the "Prepare to Die" edition, it came with the DLC on disk. It certainly wasn't on the original releases disks.

Takeshi Miyazoe, let me put this in simple terms you can understand.

If you put DLC into Dark Souls 2 then you can shove that game right back up your rectum where it came from.

FUCK DLC! Just bring out the full game you moron.

Provided it's as well-developed and interwoven as Artorias of the Abyss, then I'm fine with it.

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