Nvidia Announces Tegra Note 7 LTE Tablet, Promises Global Support

Nvidia Announces Tegra Note 7 LTE Tablet, Promises Global Support

And an Android KitKat update for the original Tegra Note 7 is now available.

Tegra Note 7 LTE Tablet

Nvidia's Tegra Note 7 is powerful, small, and relatively inexpensive at $199, but a lack of LTE support certainly leaves some tablet power users wanting for more.

If 4G support is high on your tablet must-have list, Nvidia just announced the new Tegra Note 7 LTE variant. The "new" model is the original Tegra Note 7, but with Nvidia's i500 LTE radio added in. The i500 offers LTE and HSPA+ support, and Nvidia says the hardware will work with carriers all over the world, including Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Vodafone, O2, and Orange.

The LTE-equipped model comes at a premium: $299, a full $100 more than the mobile broadband-less version. You still get some powerful hardware for the money, however, including a Tegra 4 SoC, 16 GB of storage (with a microSD slot for expansion), a seven-inch 1280x800 IPS display, 5 MP camera, and a stylus with two specialized tips (chisel and brush). You'll also get Android 4.2.2 (KitKat) when the Note 7 LTE ships in Q2.

For those rocking the original Tegra Note 7, you're getting some good news today as well. The latest OTA update for the original Note 7 will upgrade the tablet to Android 4.2.2. Along with the refinements that come stock in KitKat (new Hangouts, better resource management, etc.) Nvidia's added its new Gamepad Mapper to the Note 7 OTA. The software can assign touchscreen gaming controls to the physical buttons on your Bluetooth controller of choice.

Both Tegra Note 7 variants are eVGA-branded in the US, while other vendors (Gigabyte, Zotac, Dixons) will brand the tablet as their own around the world.


It looks like a good alternative to the nook and a great alternative to the Ipad

Devin Connors:

Did you mean to say Android 4.4?

4.2.2 is still Jellybean, 4.4 is kitkat (the latest version of android)

I was hesitate to get one of the originals because of no 4g. . . now. . . I just need to save up some cash.

i was expecting them to push thier new Tegra K1 GPU in those, you know, the mobile phone GPU that outperforms the last gen consoles. they made a big deal out of during their presentation and said first machines launching in january with it. Looks like their still using Tegra 4 GPU here though, so a bit slower.


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