Heroes TV Series Returns in 2015

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Heroes TV Series Returns in 2015

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Heroes Reborn will continue NBC's story of superpowered individuals with a 13-episode mini-series and digital-exclusive tie-in.

When NBC's Heroes first debuted in 2006, it was easily one of the best superhero stories to appear on television. Between its solid character development, interconnected plot threads, and Zachary Quinto's debut as a superpowered serial killer, Heroes surprised fans and critics alike, leaving them excited for upcoming episodes. Unfortunately, each subsequent Heroes season dropped the ball in the storytelling department, until the show was finally cancelled after four years. Still, when Heroes was good it was really good, so fans have long hoped the show would return for a more conclusive finale. Thankfully, it seems it will get its chance next year with a 13-episode mini-series and digital tie-in that reintroduces the superpowered universe.

"The enormous impact Heroes had on the television landscape when it first launched in 2006 was eye-opening," president of NBC Entertainment Jennifer Salke said. "Shows with that kind of resonance don't come around often and we thought it was time for another installment. We're thrilled that visionary creator Tim Kring was as excited about jumping back into this show as we were and we look forward to all the new textures and layers Tim plans to add to his original concept."

Digital tie-ins are nothing new for Heroes; in fact, NBC used to host a long-running webcomic that heavily expanded the show's backstory. The real question is which actors will come back for the new mini-series. Zachary Quinto's Sylar was a breakout role and fan-favorite character, but with the Star Trek reboot under his belt, it's uncertain that he'll return. Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventimiglia, and Masi Oka also had major roles throughout the series, and that's not even scratching the surface of the extended cast.

By the time these digital tie-in are revealed, we should have more details on what to expect. In the meantime, I'll be hoping that the Heroes mini-series harkens back to the success of season 1, or failing that, brings some closure to the series and characters.

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I've fond memories of the first season of Heroes, and barely any of the seasons afterwards. Time will tell if this miniseries is going to match the first season in quality.

I've fond memories of the first season of Heroes, and barely any of the seasons afterwards. Time will tell if this miniseries is going to match the first season in quality.

You mean when they tried to remake Watchmen? Yeah, I can see how that would be really good, but I liked it better in the 80s. :P

Well, I didn't expect this at all, but I'm really happy. Heroes was my favourite tv series in its hey-day.

I've fond memories of the first season of Heroes, and barely any of the seasons afterwards. Time will tell if this miniseries is going to match the first season in quality.

Agreed. the first series was easily one of my favorite television series's of all time. It then fell into the old superhero drama pile up with Xantos Gambits and Deus Ex Machina powers all over the place (Empathic mimicry...) as well as plot points which didn't lead to anything (That guy who could melt anything made of metal with his mind) and just sheer nonsense (An eclipse takes away all their powers despite it being shown that their powers don't have anything to do with it by that point)

"Reborn" feels a lot like "Reboot" to me. My keen entertainment consumption instincts tell me that it will be slightly worse than Agents of Shield, but better than the new Batman tv series. Goes without saying that Arrow is the best so far. Not that there's a lot of competition.

In any case, I don't think many if any of the original cast will be returning. Yeah, reboot.

Eh. I think I'll pass, though that may be a kneejerk reaction. The writers just didn't seem to know what to do with the show after the first season. I kind of liked the plot in the second season with the gaijin samurai guy (existing as a villain in both the past and present simultaneously), but even he got killed off.

Is it Christmas again already? First Constantine, now this. I really gotta get a tivo. The sheer number of supernatural dramas currently running and coming up is going to leave me zero free time for anything else. One problem though is that, just like HBO would've had to do eventually if True Blood weren't ending, Heroes is likely going to run into the "Why have these effectively immortal characters aged?" scenario. But I'm not complaining. I want to see the aftermath of the live-on-TV powers revelation, and maybe someone jaunt into the future to grab that Scottish girl who was left behind. Didn't much care for the last season since it was largely a setup to put a crutch on certain overpowered characters, but the show still played out like a comic book and I admired that.

The success of failure of "Heroes" entirely depends on their ability to give it a high budget and the FX it needs, as well as finding good stunt people for the cast members that can't do choreography to save their lives. The problem with "Heroes" is that it started out in the first season as a cool origin story, but then it never really managed to progress much beyond that because none of the things that should have happened, did happen, largely because they just couldn't handle the idea of super-heroic combat within their limited budget, especially as a regular thing. This meant that they had to keep contriving reasons for very little to happen and everything remain almost purely dramatic, with the most frequently used powers being ones that could be done for very little money.

Looking at what "Sanctuary" did with Green Screen, and some of the fights in more recent outings like "The Tomorrow People" it makes me think that some of that is spilling over onto "Heroes" with the guys holding that IP now seeing what they could be doing with it, given a similar budget.

As far as Zachary Quinto goes, he's an "A" lister for the moment, but his position is tentative. The reactions to the "Star Trek" movies were mixed even if he winds up not getting terribly mauled (people, including me, tend to like him as a young Spock even if they don't like much else about the movie, he at least looks the part). I don't remember him getting signed for any big movies recently (though I could be forgetting something) and really his most recurring work has been on the small screen, having done heroes and of course "American Horror Story" (both seasons, especially the second one), unless he's been signed to a bunch of projects I'm forgetting, I'd imagine he'd be pretty easy to land for another TV show in order to keep working and keep his name/face out there. Masi Oka at least is also pretty easy since his current gig, a recurring role on "Hawaii 5-O" seems to be coming to an end as the show is in it's last season apparently, which means a 2015 release of "Heroes" is perfect for him to pretty much keep working as well. I can't comment on a lot of the other people mentioned though. Oh and Malcolm Mcdowell seems to like to work so he might possibly make a return somehow, he's had a recurring villain role on "The Mentalist", so even if they didn't hire him as a recurring character, he does seem to be within the small screen price range to show up for a few episodes.

Personally I've been hoping for "Hiro Nakamura: A Space-Time Opera" to be a thing for a while now...

Just for my own sake and peace of mind, tie the shit up thats been dangling in the plot since Season 2. And pretty much every other major plot thread/hole that was never really tied up.

The plot got too convoluted, even for the people writing it. What they should have done, and what I hoped was the case back then, was to introduce a new cast every season. Every season we would get completely new heroes a completely new ensemble cast and completely new storylines with only a thin thread connecting each season.

The show mythology just got completely out of hand. All the familial relations turned into a soap opera with powers.

Another thing that peeved me was that they never actually became super heroes, at least not by the time I stopped watching, this is however just a minor peeve.

season 2 of heroes was so baffling they had what seemed like it was going to be a long drawn out season and then wrapped it up in two episodes it was around the same time they had that writers strike so that might explain it

they never seemed to know what to do with sylar though

O maestre:

Another thing that peeved me was that they never actually became super heroes, at least not by the time I stopped watching, this is however just a minor peeve.

i would argue that peter did at least try to do the super hero thing but then they decided that it wouldn't be "fair"
for one guy to have every characters powers its like how they kept having to come up with excuses for why hiro couldn't just solve all their problems with time travel

Funny, I was just talking about this show earlier. I actually liked the first 2 and a half seasons, but then season 3 completely changed direction for the second half. I kept watching though, and while I can't say I was a big fan of Season 4 I did still like the characters and was very disappointed by the cliff hanger ending. I'm not getting my hopes up for this one, but I'll definitely check it out.

I have no faith for this show to make a comeback especially the trainwreck they did in the last couple of seasons especially the final-

What I loved about the first season was how those powered individual were connected but unaware of it and how they had cross each other paths a few times but again didn't realise it until later on. Now that they all became friends pretty much loose thatmystery connection they all had.

The only way I would watch it again is if it was complete reboot starting from season 2 and they had some how mind wipe my memories from season 2 til the final (preferable the Men In Black mindwipe deive).

well colour me excited, I loved heroes, even the delightfully awful later seasons, I'm looking forward to this

Unless you can find the writers that made the first season happen don't even waste your time, I don't know what the fuck happened with their production but season one was jaw dropping and everything else utter garbage... the only thing I can think of is that their writing staff was all on one plane which crashed and burned.

I don't think this will turn out well. I hope it does, but I don't think it will. The first season, many will agree, was pretty damn good. Then it all went to heck in a handbasket and didn't stop being terrible until it was cancelled. Well, maybe some parts of season 4 were okay.... but it was still bad.

If they bring it back, I hope, oh I so hope, that they ditch the original cast. Keep the concepts, but ditch the original story and all the mess that accumulated with it.

Retcon seasons 3 and damnw ell get Quinto back, he made the damn show.

I'm very sceptical given how spectacularly the show crumbled after season 1. They ran into a huge fundamental problem in that the first series built up anticipation of the show progressing into something that the people behind it had neither the means nor the will to deliver.

From there, it was a bewildering (and tedious) exercise in shark-jumping. It got so out of its depth fundamentally, that I don't see how it can be saved from the scrapheap without a complete top-to-bottom re-staff & rebuild with a sufficient budget and a brand new (and significantly more competent) long term plan for where the show is going and how to keep everything in check.

I was completely and utterly obsessed with this show when it first aired in the UK. My then best friend and I would spend hours at a time trying to figure out what would happen next, it was so much fun.

I know it lost its way in the later seasons, but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been secretly hoping for something like this. Might as well give it a go, right? Even if it's disappointing it's not like it'll take away from how brilliant the first couple of seasons were, and if they do strike gold... squeals uncontrollably

Cool, I always did like this series, fingers-crossed it'll be decent. I wouldn't mind if they replace a lot of characters either, it wouldn't hurt to get some fresh blood in the series.

I never saw the appeal of this one. For me it was just another post-Lost show trading on a sense of foreboding for something the writers hadn't thought of yet. Still, Agents of SHIELD seems to have largely dropped the ball in bringing superheroes back to television, so maybe this is a good time for this show.

The success of failure of "Heroes" entirely depends on their ability to give it a high budget and the FX it needs, as well as finding good stunt people for the cast members that can't do choreography to save their lives.

That's not my issue with the show. What I hate about it is that virtually all the danger in the shows comes from the very existence of super powered beings to begin with. Where are the actual heroics? When do these people actually save people, as Superman does on the oil rig in "Man of Steel"?

And I'm tired of Zachary Quinto's character. He should have died in the first season!

Unlike a lot of people, I didn't start really liking heroes until the second season.

Re-watching the first season puts it pretty close to the memories I have of season 2 though.

I really liked pretty much all of it, season 1 to 3 kept me watching and I enjoyed just about every minute, well except for...

Now season 4 was a different story, I hated it, Zachary Quinto/Sylar was my favourite character, he had great character development up until season 4 and I remember watching every week just waiting for something to happen with him, it get's the finale where you are thinking "This is it!, what's sylar going to do here?" and then he goes off-screen and you don't see or hear anything.

Worst series end ever... which is why I am actually hopeful for this new mini series.

Edit: Though, I really, really hope that if it is all different characters, Noah reprises his role.

I think the reason it got crap is because the whole draw of the show was that they weren't heroes. The first season was all about beat cops and cheerleaders and junkie painters and nurses and other normal people who get powers and react to this in a realistic way. It was a new spin on the tired old spandex-wearing superhumans.

But then it got more and more comic book-y and less grounded in reality. After the first season it's all conspiracies and shadowy organisations and mad scientists and prophecies. It lost its relatability.

That, and there were too many characters to follow, which meant every episode only progressed a given story by a couple minutes.

Hopefully it's like a reboot with a completely new cast and new plotlines because the original turned in to a complete mess by the end. Throw in a few cameos of beloved fan-favourites but keep it fresh. Maybe have some actual heroes too.

No NBC. Just no. There is no reason to give this show a new mini series. It had one good season. That's it. Everything after that was a train wreck. And usually the train wrecks were created in the process of trying to undo previous train wrecks. Just let the damn show die. While that first season may have been great, every season after it only served to show that season one was a fluke and the creator and writers had no idea what to do after that. Which leaves me with absolutely no hope they'll magically figure it out several years later.

The first season of Heroes was great. Second season could have been great, but was a shell of what it could have been due to the writer's strike. After that I pretty much lost interest. All this feels like to me is NBC grasping at another straw to try to keep their network competitive and I really don't think it will work out in their favor.

Hm, I was hoping for this to happen. I do wonder how they will carry on, considering it has been so long and some of the actors looks considerably older. I heard they had started filming some more episodes but had to scrap it.

I am actually looking forward to this, I like the shows I watch to be wrapped up. Season 4 was pretty damn silly (killing someone by throwing rocks at them...? -_-) but I hope the new season is as good almost as good as the first one. I'm sure they can find good writers.

Hopefully they don't cock up again and air it in England months after USA, when it had come out on DVD over there.

My favourite was the puppet guy. He had like 2 episodes or something and a mini-series on the web. But he was cool and had a neat power.

Good Christ, no. Someone get the axe and the garlic; the stake isn't doing the trick.

It had a very good first season, and then it went completely to hell. It's not budget, and it's not actors; most of the actors who gave it far more time than it deserved were pretty good performers. It was the writing, the writing, and for good measure, the writing. Tim Kring spouting off on "yeah, romance isn't a good fit for the show" showed just how badly he failed to understand: it wasn't that the audience hated romance, it was that the "romance" was watching one character devolve as she fell for an apparent sociopath because the script said she should.

Characters kept doing stupid things for stupid reasons because it was necessary to stumble along to the next plot point or cliffhanger. Characters were killed off because it was easier than actually bringing their convoluted and contrived branches to meaningful conclusions. In season one, it was possible to ask simple questions and expect intelligent answers; further on, that flew completely out the window.

No, Heroes, you don't get to hurt me any more.

Good. The first season was really good, and then the Writers Guild strike happened, and Season 2 suffered because of it. By season 3, it was already too far gone to save.
So, I'm hopeful for a reboot with actual writers instead of whoever they can pull out of their ass, which is what they did to get Season 2 out there. Also, let's hope that Sipher isn't the only meaningful plot point this time around (like, seriously, did everything have to revolve around him?)

Hmm, seems like a decisive thread. Makes sense I suppose.

I loved, loved, LOVED the first 2 seasons of Heroes. The first season was all about them discovering their powers and the second season was them discovering what else they could do with them, like testing them out and stuff. First season was better than the second, but the second wasn't too terrible or anything. After the Writer's strike, while Heroes has some really good episodes, it was more of an "good ideas bad execution" going on.

-Having a weekly Canon comic posted online at their website detailing the minor stories/background of the characters (Linderman, Candace, The Haitian, Rebel, Hana Gittlemen, Kensei, etc)

All good ideas, but it was sort of a mess (the comics not so much). Thinking back on it, it also felt that sometimes the characters would go all over the place. I remember reading how much budget was an issue, and how to do some of their big battles required way too much.

The worst was probably just what they would do with the characters. After the second season, it was like the show didn't want to kill off ANY of the characters, like they were too scared to let any of the actors go or something. The ones they didn't kill off were constantly forgotten, especially the smaller side characters (Wes, Monica, Molly, Peter's infamous girlfriend from Season 2, etc) and never brought them up again. Some characters powers kept getting too out of control, and apparently realistic travel time was thrown out of the window too. So much stuff was left unresolved only to never be brought up at all.

Every few episodes these little things would keep on piling on until you just got annoyed/fed up.

I supposed what I liked the best (besides Time Travel/Flashback episodes, those were always pretty good) was how the main cast would only interact occasionally in the first two seasons. Each character/group had their own personal drama going on, but were all slowly realizing that they were getting into something bigger than themselves. They would crossover with each other for bigger episodes or events, but for the most part it was pretty loose. Come the next seasons it felt like they would constantly find someway for the main cast to be together, and it didn't always work so well. The acting was good though, so there should be no problems there. I suppose having some actual Humans instead of the plethora of Heroes they have would be better though.

So color me interested. I have no idea what they are going to do, but hopefully its better than how it ended the first time. I was really obsessed with the show, and I should probably go back and watch the seasons (have them all on DVD), but at the same time its like..."ugh this is probably going to be worse than I remember".

Well, I'm interested. The later seasons were of lower quality, but maybe a second chance is just what it needs.

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