The Last Of Us Is Being Made Into a Movie

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The Last Of Us Is Being Made Into a Movie

The Last Of Us

The live-action adaptation of The Last Of Us will be written by Neil Druckmann, the creative director on the hit PlayStation 3 game.

The Last Of Us has become the latest video game property slated for a move to the silver screen, as Deadline reports that Screen Gems has signed a distribution deal for a live-action film based on the game. Naughty Dog Creative Director Neil Druckmann is writing the script, while Druckmann, Naughty Dog Co-Presidents Evan Wells and Christophe Baelstra and Game Director Bruce Straley are "creative architects." The film will be produced by Ghost House Pictures, the production company founded by Sam Raimi and Robert Tappert.

"When I saw the quality of the storytelling, I knew the audience for this project was far greater than just the gaming community and that Neil Druckmann must write the screenplay," Screen Gems President Clint Culpepper said. "I am thrilled that SCEA's Riley Russell was able to get me in front of Neil and Evan Wells to plead my case. Sam and his team at Ghost House round out the perfect team to help realize Neil's vision."

"Since our game released last June, we've talked with many companies about making a film, but we couldn't have found better partners who share our creative vision and high standards," Wells said.

Screen Gems is part of Sony's Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group and "focuses on films that fall between the wide-release movies traditionally developed and distributed by Columbia Pictures and those released by Sony Pictures Classics," according to the Sony Pictures Museum. Recent films produced under the Screen Gems banner include the Resident Evil and Underworld movies, Legion, Priest, Friends With Benefits and the Carrie remake.

Source: Deadline


Screen Gems is a most inappropriately-named company. None of this sounds particularly encouraging, actually. Does such a film even need to be made?

Ellen Page is Ellen Page in Ellen Page Fights Zombies.

It is good to know that game developers have no respect for there own medium, and think that they need hollywoods help to get recognised.

Is anyone surprised? I know I'm not. Screen Gems producing this feels like saying that water's wet. On the other hand, I'm a little worried about Ghost House's involvement. Rob Tapert was involved in the production of "Drag Me to Hell", an awesome schlock-fest in pure Raimi fashion - but Ghost House is the kind of label that pushes moody and gutless Haunted House pics ad nauseam. What that means for the movie, though, I have no clue. Less firefights and more terrified hiding in partially sunken cubbyholes?

Either it's bloodless and formulaic, or the director focuses too much on the Infected and spends two hours and a half showing us CGI mushroom-heads getting blasted apart by gunfire.

It's like a vicious cycle. The games industry makes shitty movie games, and the movie industry will make shitty game-based movies.

It was already a fantastic game in and of itself. Why the hell does it need to be a movie?

Wait, The Last of Us was a game?

I kid not really, but this was inevitable, I mean "the Citizen Kane of gaming" was bound to have a movie made at some point.

I don't think they'll manage to make it work, there's to much story to get into 2:30 hours, they can cut things down, but it'll take a lot of the impact.

Edit: Damn you, Akichi. Your ninja-wizard powers may have won this time...

Pretty poor list of movies for a studio. I have a hard time seeing this project going anywhere.

How can a movie be made into a movie?

Seriously though, why do we need more Hollywood adaptations of things? The story was fine in that game, does it really need to be a movie? It just seems like a shameless cash-in to be honest.

It's being written by Druckmann, that's at least promising.

Josh Brolin as Joel plz.

I thought this might be a good idea (don't make it about Joel and Ellie, someone else) until I saw the list of other movies made by these people. Um...look, I like the Resident Evil movies. I think they're good fun. But none of those movies are on the same level of storytelling as The Last of Us. I don't think the right type of tone and story will be able to be told here. They'll focus too much on the violence and cool infected kills instead of the people in the story.

I hope there is a cash-in game made based on the cash-in movie based on the game just to make sure that the IP is thoroughly driven in to the ground and abandoned, maybe then people will learn. But I doubt they would. They'd turn it in to a movie about a game being turned in to a movie, which would then become a game obviously.


What a terrible idea. Why not spend the money they're going to pour into this cash-grab, trying to get video game nerds to show up, and put it into another remarkable game like the Last of Us?

I guess cross-mediaform shit like this happens all the time, but still can't but think this is just awful for an IP that did such a brilliant job.

This shouldn't bother me nearly as much as it does, but this is just an awful, awful idea.

Already an awful idea turning The Last of Us into a movie, BUT what REALLY hits the nail on the coffin is that it's produced by the same people who produced such "gems" as Priest.

Sniper Team 4:
...look, I like the Resident Evil movies. I think they're good fun. But none of those movies are on the same level of storytelling as The Last of Us.

But really, none of the Resident Evil games are on the same level of storytelling as Last of Us; I love the RE games and movies un-ironically as well.

I think you're all missing the bright side here.

At least it's not beyond two souls being adapted.

This just strikes me as someone thinking "Man, The Last of Us has too good a story to just be a stupid videogame, it has to be made into a *proper* narrative, that fits comfortably into a two hour slot"

Half the appeal of The Last of Us was exploring this new, terrifying, occasionally beautiful post-apocalyptic world. Movies don't do exploration nearly as well as games can, so already this project is sounding like a terrible idea.

I thought that it already WAS a movie!

All joking aside I hope that this movie doesn't continue the trend of shitty videogame movies like the game continued the trend of trying to pass off shitty games as "art". I think it would actually be fairly well suited to a movie (More so than Need For Speed anyway!)

As someone who's not going to say the "obvious" responses to this... Why wasn't TLOU NOT turned into a novel first?

That way, you can use that novel to turn it into a movie! But, whatever... I'm sure a 5+ hour live-action movie broken up into two parts would do the trick of capturing the abridged retelling of the now acclaimed classic on the PS3 pre-PS4 launch...

What that? It would probably only be less than 3 hours?
I wish them the best of luck with the casting, at least...

I never know how to feel about situations like this.

On one hand, you have the idea that transitioning a story from one medium to another allows more people to get access to it and get to experience something fans of the original may have loved and give them something in common.

On the other, you get the people who debate over which one is better, the inevitable cuts that will have to be made to bring it down to an appropriate length, and the wonder of why something can't just stick in its current medium because it might be best to stay there.

Then again many thought Lord of the Rings could never be made into a movie and I don't own a PS3 and never got to experience what many consider a fantastic game, so maybe this could be a good way to stand on the first hand and wonder why it is we're causing this person so much pain. Seriously, why are we trodding on their hands?

I don't think they'll manage to make it work, there's to much story to get into 2:30 hours, they can cut things down, but it'll take a lot of the impact.

The entire Pittsburgh part could prettymuch be dropped and lose nothing from the plot or characterization. I'd gather a movie wouldn't have the extended sewer areas, and probably could drop off a a decent bit of the latter thirds fight guys between the plot point scenes sequences.

Dammit. I was all set to make some comment about how it already was a movie but then I saw Sam Raimi's name. Now I may need to watch this movie, again.

In all seriousness I just don't know how you could possibly convert the things that made TLoU gold into a full length live action movie. The biggest problem I see is the immersion really.

I think you're all missing the bright side here.

At least it's not beyond two souls being adapted.

That is all.

That line from Evan Wells really bothers me, because it makes the story seem less like a movie studio going "we like this game and want to adapt it to the screen" and more like Naughty Dog going "we've made this AMAZING game, and this WONDERFUL creation needs to be brought to the silver screen, for more people to bask in our awesomeness!"

Yeah, might just be unfortunate wording, but it feels off to me.

On the other hand, this continuing hubbub about The Last of Us seems to be accomplishing its main goal, because I am becoming more and more curious of the game with each bit of news that comes out and it makes me want to try it out.

It hasn't trumped the combo of "the price point is still really high" and "I hate zombie-based fiction" just yet, but it's getting there. I had fun with the Uncharted series, despite the games being really short and the "ludonarrative dissonance" (let me adjust my monocle) being extremely grating. Maybe when the price drops...?

Yeah, just fucking spoil all that goodwill, Naughty Dog. I mean, why leave something perfect the way it is, right?

To say nothing of Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson owning those roles, and who will now be replaced by a couple of C-list actors. I can't fucking wait!

Can't they just record a playthrough with cinematic cameras, cut parts and be done with it?

I'm glad it's being made into a movie. Games don't need movies, but The Last of Us' story is transcendent. As much as we can talk up the superiority of video games, consoles and gaming PCs are expensive and a high barrier to entry and a very small percentage of people have ever owned one. Movies on the other hand are much more widespread, they don't have a very high barrier to entry at all. Point is, if the movie is alright-good I'll love it and if it's bad then we can all forget it and replay the game. Let's stop pre-bemoaning a movie that hasn't even starting production yet.

The movie form will inevitably lose some of the bonding and more impressive narrative techniques. That said, I'm interested to see how the intro and scene in the snowy forest will translate. They have to include the intro and Joel's origins or the story will be completely ruined. They also need to include the little character traits like how Ellie can't swim and likes comic books. Those really helped to develop her character, as well as her conversations with Joel. Large sections like the factory in winter, the sky scraper in Boston, and the hotel in Pittsburg can be cut out for time since they were basically all gameplay.

It'd be funny if Viggo Mortensen played Joel since he'd be in the better version of the Road, going by story.

The actor choice for Joel and Ellie is crucial, though. The difference in voices will be especially odd to see.

Can't they just record a playthrough with cinematic cameras, cut parts and be done with it?

not really. moviegoes would not accept that poor image quality. Its fine when you think about it being rendered on 9 year old ahrdware in real time, granted, but moviegoers usually watch computer generated graphic that is prerendered and is so detaield that it takes 1 hour to render 1 second (toy story 3 actually took far longer). they would never stand for this subpar visual quality. If it had a PC version then we could run it on sli 780s and would at least get closer and trick them, but a PS3 will never do it.

But WHY?

For what possible reason does this need to be a movie? Anyone and everyone remotely interested in gaming will have heard all about TloU and either already tried it for themselves or knew instinctively that they would not like it. Either this is for them or people outside the gaming community but you can't condense that story into 2 hours while maintaining the... feels for lack of a better word :P

Gamers won't like it near as much since it won't be the original and this just screams "Look how much money we got for all that goodwill you gave us" by Naughty Dog. It's just gonna come across as another cheap zombie movie to the average movie-goer since Joel & Ellies relationship & struggles was the reason TloU was so good and you can't do that in 2 hours. A game IS the optimal medium to tell that story - this is like making a comic out of Coronation Street.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess like 7 people have done the "Wasn't it already a movie?" joke already so I won't bother fishing for the bottom of the barrel.

This time...

I guess it's doable but I'm not really gonna get excited for this.
I never would since I already got the game, so for me personally there's no point to this movie.
Not everyone plays video games though and if they manage to make a great movie out of it for other people who don't play games to see, then I'm happy.

That track record doesn't really inspire confidence though.

This only further drives the inkling I have that modern Naughty Dog would rather be making movies.

This is dumb.

For some reason, when I see the lineup of Screen Gems' past works, I am not overwhelmed with hope and joy. Can't imagine why.

Honestly I think telling the same story in a game and a movie is stupid, because games are already visual and overlap the experience of a movie more than books, and really, are like the best things about books and movies rolled into one, but I suppose if they're going for the people who haven't played the game that makes sense. I would just rather see other stories in the universe that has been set out than the one that has already been explored, which is much the same way I feel about games of movies as well. Make an RPG or something in the world, not a linear retelling in game form. But whatever, maybe it'll be really good and worth it.

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