Costume Quest 2 Coming This October

Costume Quest 2 Coming This October

Double Fine's trick-or-treating RPG Costume Quest is getting a sequel published by Midnight City.

Don a costume and get ready for candy: Costume Quest 2 is coming to consoles and PC later this year. Majesco offshoot Midnight City announced it would be publishing the Double Fine-developed title, a sequel to the charming downloadable hit Costume Quest.

Midnight City and Double Fine broke the news with a quirky video that naturally shows how a giant pumpkin and mass consumption of candy led to the partnership. According to Midnight City's press release, Costume Quest 2 will feature returning heroes Wren and Reynold, who must once again protect Auburn Pines from monsters and other horrors.

Costume Quest was developed as a result of Double Fine's first Amnesia Fortnight, which took place while Brutal Legend's future was up in the air. Though it was released in 2010, Double Fine only regained the rights to Costume Quest last year.

Costume Quest 2 will be out around Halloween 2014 for PC and an unspecified number of consoles.


Hurray! It was such a fun little game but I hope the sequel is a bit longer and they improve the battles. I hated the sort-of-QTEs in that could mean the difference between dismal failure and victory. Plus a pumpkin load of new costumes of course.

I really need to play the Christmas stuff from that game. The main game was really fun, a nice casual little romp with a nice idea. Looking forward to seeing more.

Loved that game and its add-on (well, mostly; that was a bit too short and not nearly as varied in its locations, but I really liked that we learnt more about the monster world), so I'm really looking forward to that. :-)

This news makes me happy.

Custome Quest was a nifty short game and I can't wait to see what Double Fine will do with it now that they've gotten more used to these "smaller" games.

Ah, Costume Quest. A game of imagination, quirky and fun aesthetic and visuals, and simplistic, endearing Paper Mario combat.

Then the original creator left.

Honestly, it won't match up the first one. It'll still be pretty good, though.

Hope they add the option of passing your turn, though. Really hated that, especially when trying out new costumes.

Costume Quest was a hit?

...Huh. Learn something new every day. Good for them.

(Absolutely nothing against CQ, I just didn't remember it making any big waves.)

i loved the setting as the writing, as is it the case with almost every single tim schafer game, but the gameplay was lackluster, as is it the case with almost every single tim schafer game

seriously i could play the game with one hand, i get the idea of a lite-RPG, but i think they overdid it

I loved the first one so much. It was quirky, it was fun, it was interesting. I really hope they get a chance to flesh out the mechanics a bit more this time around. While fun it was very bare bones. I'm hoping that they get the chance to put a little more depth in this time around.

Yay! I wholly enjoyed the first one and DLC. Now if they make this, make it a bit longer and make combat a bit deeper then I'll be happy. Battles were a bit too simple to be honest, it always devolved to "Hit enemy with attacks, wait for special to charge, use special, hope you don't die inbetween". They need to make it that there are other ways to regain health during combat besides limited use abilities. Like eating your candy! But if you eat too much, your attacks will get weaker and you'll need some more XP to level up. Or something like that.

I literally said "Holy fuck, yes!" when I read that. First game in a long time I'll be looking forward to.


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