Captain America Puts His Best Shield Forward in New Winter Soldier Clip

Captain America Puts His Best Shield Forward in New Winter Soldier Clip

A new clip from Captain America: The Winter Soldier shows Cap leaping, dashing and bashing his way through an office complex.

You should never underestimate the value of a good shield. That, at least, would appear to be the take-away lesson of a recently released clip from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The new sequence, titled "In Pursuit," clocks in at just under a minute and follows the titular hero as he pursues the sub-titular villain through an office building. The sequence, brief as it is, does a really decent job of demonstrating Captain America's swift, acrobatic fighting style. It also demonstrates just how little doors mean when you have an indestructible shield at your disposal.

It also shows off a bit more of the Winter Soldier, who consistently does a great job of looking like the perfect match for Cap. Referred to as "the shooter" by an off-screen voice, he has no trouble outrunning our hero who has to leap, dive and bash his way through an office complex to keep up. We're then treated to a sequence where Mr. Winter is able to catch Cap's shield in mid-air. We have, of course, seen this bit in previous trailers, but we do get to hear a new and nifty mechanical whirring sound from the Winter Soldier's cyborg arm this time. It's a small detail but nonetheless a nice touch. What do you think based on this video? Is The Winter Soldier looking like a winner or should it buried back in the snow?

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Can't wait. I'm so looking forward to this movie.

So...does S.H.I.E.L.D pay for all that damage?

Well I'm going to see it on the 29th and i can't f**king wait!

I can not WAIT for this movie!! I am so excited! It makes me even more excited because I know who the Winter Soldier is (though anyone who has been reading Captain America should know)


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