Iron Fist Writer Promises "Bloody Vengeance" in New Series

Iron Fist Writer Promises "Bloody Vengeance" in New Series


Writer/artist Kaare Andrews aims to "re-explore" Iron Fist's origins in the characters new series.

This April, Marvel Comics will be launching the first issue of Iron Fist: The Living Weapon, a new series centered on Danny Rand and his vigilante alter-ego as he embarks on a quest of vengeance in his homeland of K'un Lun. In preparation for the series' impending launch, Marvel has recently released an interview with writer/artist Kaare Andrews as well as a series of pages and variant covers from the new book.

While a pair of the covers are clearly played for amusement, the showcased imagery would seem to suggest that the new book will be grounding itself in a dark and gritty tone. This is further backed up by Andrews who had made no bones about the direction he intends to take the story. "This isn't camp," he said. "This is serious, old school, life or death, what is the fiber of your essence, storytelling. Big stakes. Big consequences. And buckets of bloody vengeance."

According to Andrews, his job in The Living Weapon is to "re-explore what makes [Iron Fist] who he is" and to give readers a new look at the character's origins. While we'll all have to wait for the book's official launch next month, Andrew's sentiments and art together paint a picture that could be pretty danged interesting. Here's hoping the end product actually lives up to the pitched potential.

Source: Marvel


I could get into this. I always thought Iron Fist could be an awesome protagonist but Ive only really read about him as a peripheral charecter, like in Civil War.

Well, Iron Fist. Huh. Hell, they managed to salvage Power Man, I see no reason why they shouldn't try doing the same to his old buddy. I look forward to seeing how they make a guy whose basic design premise is "He punches things" interesting.

They already did this in Fraction's run, which was incredible and got cancelled like 30 issues in.

Hopefully more people will read it this time around, before Marvel inevitably cuts anything that isn't Wolverine/trash directed at making the movies more popular.

"King of the Iron Fist Tournament... Enter, the Tekken." Yup, that's all I can really think of whenever I see this character. Probably doesn't help that his main power is "He can Kung Fu really hard."

I don't really know anything about this guy, besides that he's in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and that was a fun game, so, Cool.


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