The Avengers, Spider-Man and Star Wars Characters, Now in Emo Form

The Avengers, Spider-Man and Star Wars Characters, Now in Emo Form

SuperEmoFriends Batman

Everyone has a dark side. Not necessarily disturbingly dark like The Joker or Darth Vader, but dark enough that you can pull points of emotional upheaval from their lives. Los Angeles-based artist JSalvador has decided to capitalize on that.

JSalvador has created a website, called SuperEmoFriends, with the art having a cutesy kid feel to it. All the images are available in prints from his site, but we decided to grab 17 cool ones for your perusal.

"I think this reveals so much about fan culture and our emotional investments in fictional characters," JSalvador told BuzzFeed. "They get to add to the painting with their own knowledge of the character and that mental participation makes it fun."

In this group, you'll see superheroes, movie and TV icons, and even a few cereal mascots feeling all sad and mopey. If you like them, be sure to visit the SuperEmoFriends website, where JSalvador has plenty more art on display. I'm a bit fond of The Avengers one.


Source: BuzzFeed, SuperEmoFriends


Wow. These really bummed me out a lot more than I thought they would. Damn.

oh god...if #7 wasn't bad enough already, SOMEHOW THEY MADE IT WORSE.

I do like the style of it though, wouldn't mind getting one to hang up in the house.

Oh I laugh at the Avenger image, shame on the Avengers for picking on Loki!

...How... depressing. Is it weird that I want to give all these guys hugs?

I seem to be laughing more than feeling sad like most of these images...

I'm either a terrible person... or I lack the emotion of "sadness" right now...

Wh...why? Why would anyone want this? I know we can get oversaturated with merch that's insufferably cute and it can serve as some kind of catharsis, but is this really necessary?

Batman being Emo is redundant :/

Sad-erman, Sad-erman

does whatever is he doing with his life

The Tony the tiger one is even more depressing when you think about how his original voice actor is dead now.



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