Walking Dead, Mark of the Ninja Devs Announce Firewatch

Walking Dead, Mark of the Ninja Devs Announce Firewatch

Campo Santo Firewatch

The new game will feature a lone man in the Wyoming wilderness whose only connection to the outside world is a handheld radio.

When the brains behind TellTale's The Walking Dead and indie hit Mark of the Ninja announced they were forming a new studio called Campo Santo this past November, people took notice. Now, their company has announced its first game, Firewatch.

The description on the game's official website is short, but you can definitely see shades of The Walking Dead's moral choices. In Firewatch, players assume the role of Henry, a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness whose job is to keep the wilderness safe. His only contact with the outside world is his supervisor Delilah, whom he contacts over a handheld radio.

Though plot details are still scarce, things apparently don't stay calm in Henry's little part of the world and strange occurrences draw him out into the wild. Campo Santo says the game will have players "facing questions and making interpersonal choices that can build or destroy the only meaningful relationship you have."

The game has no release date yet, but Campo Santo says they would "love it to come out in 2015." So far, the game has been announced for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Campo Santo's team includes Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman, two of the chief designers and writers behind The Walking Dead, and Nels Anderson, the lead designer for Mark of the Ninja. The game is being published in a joint venture between Campo Santo and Portland-based software company Panic Inc.

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I look at that picture and I'm thinking...Ranger Gord?

This has possibilities on a level that perhaps the developers didn't consider.

I'm intrigued. Wonder if they'll release it on console? Another PSN cross-buy would be most welcome.

As probably the only Escapist hailing from the best and least recognized state in the Union, I salute their recognition that we do, in fact, exist, and are neither
A) full of only gay cowboys like that one movie or
B) discount Texas when you don't want to use Montana.

I probably would've grabbed this for the sole question of how we are portrayed this time, but I'm really happy to see the brains behind this operation. This sounds really interesting, and with an amazing artstyle that is pleasantly reminiscent of past works by the MotN guys.

I lived in Wyoming for over a decade, grew up there...loved it. I'll end up getting this just because.

I'd love to see a game set in TWD universe, but with MotN game play.

Ooh. This one has me really intrigued.

A potential survival (perhaps horror) game wherein the protagonist is completely isolated save for a radio with which he uses to communicate with one other person; this person being his only "view" of the outside world?

**shiver** Ooph. A LOT of great directions one can take that kind of story setup. Apocalyptic tale involving natural disasters, invasion, aliens, zombies, etc. A supernatural tale. A murder mystery. A "slasher-esque" story with a monster-du-jour chasing the player. An espionage/counter-terrorist story like something out of Cliffhanger[1] A psychological thriller/horror[2]

Couple any one of those with the writing talents of this team and I'm already getting excited.

Can't wait to see what comes of this collab.

[1] Not the best example, but work with me here.
[2] Think Eternal Darkness, minus the old-gods elements.

An intriguing premise. I suspect this game will be more of a psychological thriller than survival horror.

Wow, that's some pedigree talent behind the game. Color me intrigued.


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