DC Collectibles Unveils Everything From Sandman to Scribblenauts Constantine

DC Collectibles Unveils Everything From Sandman to Scribblenauts Constantine

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DC Collectibles' upcoming figures will include Lil' Harley, Scribblenauts John Constantine, and Zombie Batman. Need we say more?

The New 52 universe of DC Comics may have found something of a mixed reception, but the company is faring well in other departments. Vertigo is in the middle of a new Sandman series, John Constantine is coming to television, and the Scribblenauts Unmasked DCU is incredibly charming at the very least. Now DC Collectibles is doing everything it can to provide this variety in paperweight form, including figures of Dream, Harley Quinn, Lil' Robin, Scribblenauts Constantine, and the official Zombie Batman.

The full collection is part of DC Collectibles' June solicits, and there's a little something for every DC fan here. Are you interested in straightforward figures of characters like Batgirl, Nightwing, or Supergirl? No problem. How about dynamic action scenes, like Superman fighting Darkseid or Wonder Woman challenging a Hydra? Those are here too. There's even Batman statues based on the Lil' Gotham universe, including adorable versions of Joker, Harley, and Robin. And if you want something a little darker, there's always Batman Black & White's Zombie Batman.

All of these are interesting enough, but personally, I'm very curious about the Scribblenauts Unmasked Mini-figures. The third and fourth series of the Scribblenauts line includes multiple 2.25" figures, which covers Batman, Reverse Flash, Yellow Lantern Sinestro, Swamp Thing, Deathstroke, and a British magician by the name of John Constantine. By this point there's enough Scribblenauts Unmasked figures to build a rather impressive diorama, perhaps while generating superhero sound effects with your lips. I would imagine.

These collectibles are all expected to go on sale in September of this year. That gives you lots of time to decide what you'd prefer; an ordinary Sandman statue, or a limited edition in bronze. Decisions, decisions.

Source: DC Comics


Gotta say, Dream doesn't look happy to be a collectable figurine. Though, you'd think people would have got the picture the first time they try to do that to him. But he is very patient...

Captcha: fork, knife, spoon

Well...okey dokey.

I still need to pick up that Harley Quinn statue. It came out a while back, but it keeps getting pushed down on my list. I don't care what other say. I think it looks pretty sweet. I'm a little confused by the grey skin, but otherwise I like the color scheme.

That Wonder Woman statue looks awesome, save for two things. One, she looks like she's wearing paint, not armor. The other thing...why is her skin bronze? Is that just bad lighting, or is she really going to come in that shade? It wouldn't be so bad if the whole statue was that color, but since they have her outfit and hair in color, it makes it look weird.


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