25 Bands Recreated with LEGO Minifigs

25 Bands Recreated with LEGO Minifigs

Malaysian artist Adly Syairi Ramly has recreated 25 iconic bands using LEGO Minifigs.

Adly Syairi Ramly is a LEGO aficionado who spends a great deal of time photographing intricately posed minifigs. He has a knack for understated social commentary, but many of his creations are obviously meant to induce giggling rather than deep thought.

One of his longest running projects, for example, is a series band photos recreated using LEGO figures. Respected bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and The Smiths have undergone the LEGO miniaturization process. But Ramly also made time for the Spice Girls and One Direction. So, no one can ever accuse him of a bias against terrible music.

According to his Instagram profile, Ramly snaps all of these images using the camera on his iPhone 5s, and edits them using iOS applications. The iPhone has some incredibly powerful Photoshop clones, but the fact that these images never actually leave Ramly's phone before hitting Instagram makes the project even more impressive.

If you'd like to keep track of Ramly's LEGO-based antics, check out his Instagram profile or Twitter feed.

Source: Instagram, Huffington Post


That Lars Ulrich figure doesn't look NEARLY douchey enough. And why are so many people white-washed? I mean, pretty sure there were brown people in the Spice Girls...

Also, no King Diamond minifigure? No Fenriz minifigure? No Abbath minfigure? I has a sad... D:

As the pictures went on, I started wondering where the Beatles was, thinking that I'd be one pissed petunia if they weren't gonna show up.

Coldplay look really pissed off about something. Probably that they're members of Coldplay.

Mind you, if they look pissed off, Dave Grohl looks positively raging.

I mean, pretty sure there were brown people in the Spice Girls...

If I remember it correctly, Mel B was black.

You know... The more I look at these, the more it want to play Lego Rock Band 2...

Oh wait...

Nonetheless, I now want to see a Lego versions of Tupac's Do For Love...


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