Fate Bundle of Holding Available for Next Four Days

Fate Bundle of Holding Available for Next Four Days


For a limited time, a bundle of PDF tabletop rulebooks built on the Fate system is available for $7.95.

Bundle of Holding, a website that offers collections of tabletop RPG ebooks at discount prices, is reprising its Bundle of Fate, originally offered in September 2013. For the next four days, you can buy a bundle of tabletop RPGs built on the Fate rules at a great discount.

For $7.95, you can get all six complete PDF rulebooks in the core collection, valued at $38. Or, if you pay more than the current threshold price - $15.77 at the time of this writing - you'll also get four bonus game books, for a total value of $85.

In addition to the free Fate Core and Fate Accelerated rulebooks, the core package includes Bulldogs!, a high-action space adventure, Ehdrigohr, a fantasy that draws from the myths and folklore of tribal and indigenous cultures around the world, Full Moon, a lunar sci-fi, and Spirit of the Century, the pulp RPG that popularized Fate. The four bonus games you get for paying more than the threshold price include Diaspora, a hard sci-fi with rules for starship battles, The Kerberos Club, a superhero steampunk set in Victorian London, Legends of Anglerre, a gritty fantasy, and Starblazer Adventures, based on the classic British sci-fi comic series from the 1970s-80s.

Fate is a generic and customizable RPG game system with no fixed setting or genre.

Source: Bundle of Holding


For a moment, I thought Fate was referring to the Fate/Stay series... got my hopes up there =(

On another note, I can't say I've ever heard of this...

I've heard of the FATE system itself before, but have never actually tried playing it. This still sounds like a good deal, though. RPG book collections can get pricy and costly on shelf space.

I have the FATE core rulebook and read it through, but haven't gotten the time to play it. Do you want a RPG system that has a strong focus on story and narattive and can be used for literally any setting (even ones you dream up yourself)? GET THIS!

I can't wait to get some people together and run this, because the rules seem so simple, yet have a nice bit of nuance to them. Definitely sounds like a great deal.

IMHO Fate is a great system with the right group of people, willing to bounce ideas off of each other and tell a story together. If you're group has a player or two that needs structure or specificity in rules (A more D&D style mini's and tactics RPG) then they will struggle with this game big time. I played a game of this with a group at a nearby comic shop and getting some of the guys to put down their dice and actully talk and contribute was like pulling teeth.

I'm still getting the bundle though because when Fate works, it's awesome!

I've been playing the same DFRPG game twice weekly for 4 years now (fate system). I love the fate system, it lends itself so much more to role play than D&D. Not that D&D is bad but in Fate the characters and the story are the star and the combat accommodates them rather than the story and the characters accommodating the combat.


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