Invisible, Inc Turn-Based Spy Title Sneaks In With Alpha Update Video

Invisible, Inc Turn-Based Spy Title Sneaks In With Alpha Update Video

Watch out for those Tier 2 operatives; they're bad news.

Klei Entertainment's Invisible, Inc., formerly Incognita, is coming up with some intriguing new James Bond twists on the turn based strategy genre. Yes, you can Augment your agents with nifty new cyber implants now - did that agent just spit fire or is he pleased to see you? - but keep an eye out for those Tier 2 enemy agents. They're bad news.

An Augment permanently uses up an inventory slot, but the benefits can be worth it. Boosts of speed, multiple actions within a turn and other fun stuff can be had, allowing your agents to pull off some pretty nifty tricks. Klei's also taking more steps to ensure combat isn't the best way forward; guns blazing isn't how successful agents tackle Invisible, Inc.'s challenges. Hence the Tier 2s, who have higher weapon damage and more health, but Klei thinks those Tier 2s can be made even tougher. Expect the unexpected ...

For those of you not familiar with the concept: your agents are tasked with breaking into an enemy facilty, hacking and sneaking their way to the objective - o-so-valuable intel - and then getting out again without getting caught. Guards, locked doors, laser beams and other cunning defences stand in your way, but will you let that stop you? It's in alpha right now, and can be pre-ordered at $16.99, or $19.99 if you want the soundtrack too.

"What you see now is the base level of difficulty and systems," says a Klei spokesperson, "and we're going to explore deeper into each system from now on to bring out their potential." Sounds like fun times await!

Source: PC Gamer


I love the aesthetics.

I also love the fact that it's called Invisible Incorporated.

Isn't this a bit of old news?
That trailer was released March 12 (2014).

Also, I maintain that Incognita was a better name.

Ha! Invisible, Inc. ("ink"). I love it. Somebody give whoever thought of that a bonus.

Though I've never been one for turn-based strategy games, this looks very interesting.

Might become something I'd like to follow.

Really excited for this game, Klei makes some awesome games and so far I've been a fan of all their releases.

This game looks really awesome, pushes my buttons, and that's not even counting the fact that it's from Klei, who seem to be able to make good games in all sorts of genres. This should be fun.


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