The Avengers Assemble for Disney Infinity

The Avengers Assemble for Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity seems to be preparing for the arrival of a certain superteam.

Disney is one step closer to achieving the pop culture singularity. The company's sandbox video / collectable toy game Disney Infinity currently includes characters from a dozen Disney-owned franchises, and we just got a sneak peek at number thirteen: The Avengers. Well, at least one of them; a new teaser trailer shows Captain America's shield bouncing past Disney mainstays to signal the arrival of the superhero team.

We previously heard that the Marvel and Star Wars universes would be converging on Disney Infinity at some point in the future, and the Avengers are a good a place to start as any - especially if it means Disney can ride the waves of Captain America: The Winter Soldier's current popularity. "Bring on the superheroes," boasts the trailer.

Interestingly, a "2.0 Edition" symbol appears at the end of the video. It wouldn't be too surprising if the arrival of the Marvel universe marked the beginning of a new set of updates for the game - with a new set of commercials to go with it. Still no sightings of Jedi, though, so the Star Wars crew might still be a ways off. Maybe they'll arrive, say, around the time of Episode VII's December 2015 release date? Just a guess.

Source: Marvel Entertainment


Well, they already sold out to Phineas & Ferb that one time. No surprises here.

Ah Disney...what's it like to own everything? Okay, so My Little Pony (and The Hub) and DC are still fighting, but it's only a matter of time.
When that time comes, do the world end? Will there be some sort bright shining light? Will the universe grown a pair of mouse ears? Walt comes back to life? Who can say...


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