"25 Moments" Viral Site Reveals Secret X-Men Movie History

"25 Moments" Viral Site Reveals Secret X-Men Movie History

Website explains alternate-history in advance of upcoming superhero sequel.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is set in two distinct time periods: A dystopian near-future where the (still-living) characters from the first three films battle mutant-hunting robots called Sentinels and the 1970s where the younger characters from First Class are caught up in the early days of "normal" humanity's realization that mutants are among them. The periods are bridged by Wolverine, who time-travels to the 70s in an attempt to prevent the dark future by changing a key moment in history. In advance of the film's release, the new viral site "25 Moments" lays out the alternate timeline of the X-Men world as it currently stands via some clever photoshopping.

The series of 25 images begins with Magneto interfering at the Bay of Pigs in 1962 (from the ending of First Class) and follows through to 2018 with Bishop (Omar Sy) forming a mutant resistance movement. Others alternate between integrating X-Men characters with real events (Magneto is blamed for JFK's assassination, Bolivar Trask accidentally causes the Mad Cow Disease outbreak) showing how this timeline differs from our own (Guantanamo Bay is a mutant prison, The Berlin Wall is still standing) and recapping the events of the previous films.

DOFP's actual storyline is a closely-guarded secret, but it is widely rumored that the film will use the time-travel as a means to "reboot" certain aspects of the series and re-cast certain characters with new actors. A sequel, X-Men: Apocalypse is already in development.

Source: 25 Moments


Why is Colossus mutated as a newborn? It's well known that mutants in the X Universe do not manifest their powers until adolescence. They even mentioned this in X2. Blaming mutant acceleration on Chernobyl is just weak and unnecessary.

And why is Magneto on a battleship in full on villain garb? He was on the beach in his X-Men uniform in just the last film!

Why is it so hard for Fox to stick to continuity? Even within their own movies?

I have a terrible feeling this movie is going to be a train wreck. First Class was a borderline disaster for me, only saved by a few really cool moments. First Class simply tried to do too much, and moved too quickly towards an "epic" conclusion that everything that came before it just got lost in the jumble.

And now, we have a film that is an unconnected non-sequel that might rewrite plot points from the not-reboot which already rewrote plot from previous not-sequels, in two different timelines with two sets of actors that intertwines historical events with fantasy? Oh, and it's going to be about Wolverine again. I like Wolverine and I love Hugh Jackman, but he shouldn't be the focus of all but one X-Men film to date.

Even if they manage to make everything easy enough to understand, I don't see how it could possibly yield a satisfying conclusion.

Maybe I'm just biased because I want X-Men to go back to Marvel so we can see Hulk fight Wolverine while Deadpool and Iron Man snipe at each other. :)

There are some cool points, but the tone is all over the place. They also seem to take bits and pieces of movies but never go all the way (for example, the Golden Gate bridge and the cure from X3 is mentioned, but a couple slides later they change the origin and blame it to Trask), taking a lot more interest in the newer movies.

There is no way a news page could get some of those pictures: closeups of Jackman walking in a crowd, mutants teleporting out of a prison, the closeup of the new Sentinel. The illusion of an old documentary is kind of broken if it looks like they took screenshots of the movie. Also, the Peter Dinklage photoshop with Nixon is awful... even the lighting looks off.

I don't know. I get what they are trying to do here, but many of those moments are poorly executed and without a singular vision, and the choices seems lazy and contrived. Guantanamo, Chernobyl, JFK... I was half surprised they didn't include a mutant walking on the moon waiting for Apollo 11 to land. I still don't know if the page was supposed to be mutant propaganda or human propaganda. It is a lot more oriented to fill the gaps between movies (something that I still wish they spend some time in the movie itself) than to create a vision of the world.


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